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What is a Miracle Mindset Mastermind?

A Miracle Mindset Mastermind is a year long facilitated program that puts ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’ course content as well as each Miracle Mindset Mentor/leader’s unique teachings into action…to create miracles of transformation in every participant.

This inspiring and powerful journey is for people who are looking for personal growth and concrete ways to create a more positive mindset, which affects every area of their life. Each participant becomes a part of a small yet powerful, loving, intentional community where all are safe, seen, celebrated and supported!

Everyone begins with the online course. This is the tip of iceberg which offers the fundamentals. The real work begins in the next phase when one can apply the powerful principles in either a 6 month 1:1 coaching program with the founder Elvira V. Hopper, or they can work with a transformational leader/Miracle Mindset Mentor in a beautiful Miracle Mindset Mastermind.

This unique community allows you to implement both sets of ‘power tools’ to your greatest advantage in your daily life. This is where the real transformation happens. This is what truly sets our program apart from others. You don’t take it and forget it, you have the opportunity to work with someone to put the principles into action.

The miracles that happen to benefit each participant in only one year are unprecedented!

Next Step…

Choose the Miracle Mindset Mentor that you’d like to work with from Elvira’s highly engaging and motivating list of light workers below.

Once you find a Mentor that aligns with your needs click on the ‘Join “Mentors” Mastermind’ link to get the process started and join their group.

Your mentor will be in touch with you for the next steps!


Eleanor Hayward

Education . Empowerment . Engagement

When you subscribe to the Love Your Vibe Transformation with Eleanor as your Mentor, you will be welcomed to a safe and secure place where everyone is celebrated and supported. She is pleased to hold space for your insight and processing with hope, inspiration and tools for your personal journey. Her gifts include emotional intelligence with compassion and empathy, with techniques including Reiki and acupressure tapping to facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual shifts for your highest good!

Eleanor Hayward was born and raised in the High Park area of Toronto, then moved to Milton in her tweens. Looking back, she realizes how ego and communication challenges rooted in trauma, with resulting power struggles & addictions broke up her small family. She was effectively raised to be modest, speak only when spoken to, though an active mind with love of reading with healthy skepticism fostered; she now considers curiosity as one of her super-powers! Girl Guides of Canada nurtured in her an early appreciation and respect for nature, yet dismay was instilled at how humans commonly treat their environment and neighbouring species with disregard. Inspired by the sciences and a love for kinesthetic touch, she became a registered massage therapist, settling in Halton Region as an RMT with passion for holistic healing.

As a young adult Eleanor was introduced to a book, The Celestine Prophecy, which began to turn her mind, heart & life around. She identified that she engaged in manipulative energetic patterns such as the bully/victim and interrogator/aloof dynamics, so started her journey of self development to heal the root traumas of these behaviours. Discovering the world of healing energies through Reiki and acupressure-based EFT, she realized how little she actually knew about the human body and the planet we live on; humility and gratitude were a big part of her path to healing. She practices deeper compassion from her other super-power gift of empathy. These lessons and more were integrated into her professional practice as value-added services of wellness coaching.

Eleanor’s path led to LegalShield, a business to share memberships with affordable access to justice 24/7. She learned if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any; a paradigm clearly in need of shifting. Moving into the world of sales with a tendency to rush & blush in public speaking, she faced her greatest fear of judgement and joined a club of Toastmasters International. With practice she gained communication & leadership skills, a surprising boost in confidence, and learned that life is more about what you hear than what she says. She used this foundation to continue building MiltonGreen Environmental Association Inc. which with her service, co-founded as a not-for-profit organization to educate, empower & engage the community in sustainable solutions with various events, projects & advocacy initiatives; much easier said than done!

When her intimate relationship upsettingly came to residential separation, in transition she decided to pursue higher education in the direction of mental health care so she moved to Hamilton for McMaster University where she is studying towards a degree in Social Psychology with a minor in Political Science. Prompted by current events, she sees the need for institutional guidance to social & environmental justice; with a nudge from the Universe, the Green Party engaged her as a candidate for Ontario in 2018, and now Canada federally, representing Milton for people planet & prosperity.

A networking colleague of the inspiring Elvira V. Hopper, ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ she founded, resonates with Eleanor’s experience and vision for personal empowerment, so people can learn to be lovingly supported to transcend their own fears and integrate the personal darkness of mental, physical and relational ego identities. Her purpose is served when people learn to live their best lives and most importantly, leave the world a better place. Eleanor is very excited to hold space and share lessons for her tribe’s self and community development!

How to Join Eleanor’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind…

Begin Your Transformation with the building blocks to success:

Learn how to get out of your own f’n (fear & ego) way with The VIP Mindset Reset Online. It’s time to start creating a life of miracles…a life that you love!


Now that you have the building blocks to your growth it’s time to join Eleanor’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind!

Jennifer Hawkins

Overcoming Depression . Spiritual Development . Self Worth

Working with Jennifer will provide you with a caring and empathetic friend. Someone who will have your back, who’ll shine a light while you do the work to become your best self. Jennifer will be the best encourager always and your biggest cheerleader. Jennifer strives to help every individual to the best of her ability, to feel safe, seen, celebrated and supported, allowing the space and grace for the healing required in a goal oriented manner.

Hi There! Pleased to make your acquaintance! My name is Jennifer and I would like to share a bit about myself!

I was a single mom for 8 years to a beautiful boy (who is now almost 21!!) and about 6 years ago became the official step-mom to 3 angry teens (their father had to remove them from a very difficult situation and moved them many kilometres away from everything they knew). Needless to say it was tough for all of us and I can honestly say I didn’t show up at my best. Structure and control have always been a strong act for me and it certainly didn’t suit this situation when I should have come from a place of empathy and love. We managed (barely) and I was often in a state of depression, anger and resentment. I began drinking very heavily to “deal” with my emotions.

In the process hurting myself and those around me. Love Your Vibe came into my life in my darkest hour. The tools presented to me seemed “doable” and although I worked some of them, I truly didn’t commit to my journey of personal healing and self-love. Money was an issue, my marriage was all but falling apart and I couldn’t see out of the fog of resentment, anger, self-pity and self-loathing.

I realized, just over a year ago, that if my life was going to get better on ALL fronts, IT WAS UP TO ME!!!!! So I committed to doing the work. I committed to the journaling, personal development and self-care required to raise my vibration. Understand I still have dark days but now with my “Love your Vibe” tools the darkness doesn’t have its claws in me as deep and I can bring MYSELF out in less than a day!!! I recently experienced what Elvira calls a blessed breakdown, and boy did it snap something inside me! My best friend of 7 years whom I’ve known for 16 years cut me entirely out of her life…I mean BLOCKED me on everything! I was shocked! I knew we had been growing apart as my personal development was manifesting, and as she took on an extremely long distance and stressful job. I also believed that in time we would no longer remain the “best friends” we had once been, because I understand that the old…unless it changes with you will no longer serve the new and I knew as I started trusting myself, and not allowing others (her) to dictate my life, things would change, but never thought that my inner strength would push her to shut me completely out of her life. And to seal the deal she wrote a letter to end all letters and signed it “the friend who held out the longest”.

I think I can honestly say if this had happened 2 years ago I would have ended up in the hospital. I want you to know that ITS OK to leave behind the old…ALL the “old”, the behaviour, the friends, maybe even some family won’t like the blossoming new you…AND THAT’S OK! Truly it is… She was my first but perhaps not my last!! Upon the release of the bondages of this “friendship” I feel lighter, happier, the relationship with my husband and alcohol has changed overnight.

I believe that the tools gifted to me from Elvira and my own spiritual development brought me out on the other side of this in less than 3 weeks and the person that I am now… I feel it…it’s who I’ve always been meant to be…it’s who was always inside but I believed I wasn’t good enough to feel this good. I felt like I had to follow her “lead” because she was all knowing (how silly of me eh? I mean c’mon!!). The anger is gone, the resentment and self-loathing is GONE…my marriage is this beautiful flower that has finally gotten the nourishment it needed and its blossoming into a great love story. I trust my husband and more importantly I trust MYSELF. I listen to my “gut”. I no longer people please. I know I’m meant for more in this life and SO ARE YOU.

If you resonate with anything that I have shared, perhaps I can help…it would be my greatest honour to serve you during your journey and remind you of your greatness as Elvira reminded me. I’m no coach but a mentor YES and a constant work in progress! NAMASTE, Jennifer xoxo

How to Join Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind…

Begin Your Transformation with the building blocks to success:

Learn how to get out of your own f’n (fear & ego) way with The VIP Mindset Reset Online. It’s time to start creating a life of miracles…a life that you love!


Now that you have the building blocks to your growth it’s time to join Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind!


Resilience . Mother Joy . Creativity

Work with Stephanie to become the best you can be…go from being a “crap-magnet” to a “miracle magnet”!

Stephanie Recommends

Stephanie lived like a Crap Magnet for most of her life. She and her loved ones paid a heavy price. She decided she & her loved ones were better that that. She is now a Miracle Magnet and wishes to share The Love Your Vibe Transformation and her own special magic to help her beloved tribe to also leave their darkness (mental, physical & relational) behind naturally…live the live of THEIR dreams…and connect to their bigger Purpose ☆