Before working with Elvira I struggled with embracing my own divine power. Cognitively I could recognize my gifts, skills & values, but she authentically held space for me with unconditional love until I could more deeply embody the truth of my own empathic essence!

I chose to work with her because I saw the beauty and potential of her vision and mission of The Love Your Vibe Transformation system; little did I know at the time that it is my passion and purpose also!

THANK YOU Elvira for stepping into your shining, genuine leadership capabilities, so I can better step into mine! Onward & upward!

Eleanor Hayward
Registered Massage Therapist & Miracle Mindset Mentor
I knew I had a diamond career inside, but just couldn’t seem to get through the thick, seemingly solid exterior of coal surrounding my life to find it.

I always wondered why my career felt so confusing. I knew I was meant to do something special and meaningful within my career but always felt like I could never find the tools to actually do it to the best of my ability, and always felt unbearably inadequate. I felt like I was always only scratching the surface, confused as to why I couldn’t seem to make anything really happen, always feeling like I was in some sort of holding pattern, waiting, waiting and more waiting, and never feeling like I was getting anywhere, worried about what people might think of me, and what I thought of myself. Thoughts like, “What is wrong with me?? When am I ever going to get my act together?? Everyone else has it together, what are you waiting for, you big loser??” ran rampant through my mind, on a daily basis, and most weeks included a full out ugly-cry fight with God, asking, “Why would you give me the gift, but not the tools to use it? I just don’t understand!”.

I felt wholly trapped and at a complete loss.

Enter Elvira, with her Higher Purpose Diamond Chisel, at the exact right moment I needed her… The time I spent with Elvira helped me chisel my way through that coal, to see what my higher purpose was, the WHY of my life. She helped me see my true inner worth and value, and that the things that have happened in my life, those times of confusion and waiting, that pressure and discomfort I felt, were all actually leading me in a different direction, to a career that fits me like a glove, and makes my heart shine. A diamond vision of a career, that encapsulates everything about who I am as a human, and all the values I hold so dear.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me, Elvira. It has been a massive blessing and provided the means to such wonderful emotional and career freedom. I’m so grateful.

I always remember you from when I heard you speaking, telling your story, at T21 in November of 2012. There was a chair in the middle of the stage. When you were announced to come up, you came to the stage and sat in that chair and started to speak. I felt, as I’m sure many others did also, like we were on the same level, eye to eye. It was a personable experience and made me think, ‘when I speak, I want to make people feel like that too…I want to be like that’. Thanks for being you.

Monica Blackburn

Elvira Hopper has touched my life in several ways: She coached me to be a better mom and to always be authentic and grateful. Her quick shift consulting has changed the way I look at things and deal with situations.

Her speech at Transformation 21, the conference I organised opened my eyes to the the infinite possibilities life offers when you live on a higher vibe. I was spellbound to hear her story. It impacted me on a very deep level.

Vandy Gadia Sharma
Elvira….Your inspirational message & tangible advice through your Quick Shift Consult (QSC) really brought me out of my funk the other day. It brought me back to a higher vibration where I belong; where we ALL BELONG! You know how to resonate with people and get your words of wisdom across. Elvira you have your Masters through the University of Life and you openly share your experiences to help others move and shift to a higher level of consciousness. This is a gift and I truly appreciate you sharing your motivation, inspiration and wonderful tips to sow seeds in our own garden of life. Thank you for all that you do!

M.F./ Milton
I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have been coached by Elvira for the past 10 wonderful months.

Elvira’s heart centered approach to coaching has helped me to deal with many obstacles in life as well as personal and professional relationships.

Elvira is my beacon of light in my dark times and my cheerleader during my successes. I love how she holds me accountable in my journey to discover my strengths and attributes.

Elvira is now one of the many blessings I thank God for every morning!

Jennifer Hawkins

My life has been touched by the generosity of Elvira who with her amazing ability to listen and really hear me has helped to transform my days. I was blessed to have the opportunity to experience her quick shift consult on one of my lowest days. Just when things seemed to be at their worst I was reminded of how wonderful life truly is and how much control I really do have over it. Elvira has an amazing ability to transform the way you think and get you back to a positive high vibe where success and happiness are sure to find you. I left my consult knowing that I could do anything I put my mind to, reminded that I am indeed worthy of my success and that through positive thought positive things would come. I am so grateful for Elvira. Grateful for her insight, experience and her passion for helping others to be the best they can be. There are few people who have the ability to touch people like she does. Thank you Elvira for getting me back to my higher vibe!
A.H./ Milton
Have you ever heard of a lucky accident? I had one back in the summer. While at an audition I overheard this woman with this great big ear to ear smile talking about her life with great energy and positivity. She was very compelling.

After the audition we spoke and she gave me her card. I was not sure what to make of all this, but I had to find out more. So, I called her and I am so glad I did. If you haven’t guessed that woman was Elvira V. Hopper. Shortly after that phone call I began working with Elvira and my life has taken on a new trajectory. Life has a new vibe for me.

Elvira is an amazing person. Through working with her and just being part of her milieu I have gained new perspectives and appreciation for my life. Guided by her insightful coaching techniques and being connected to her by phone and Facebook, I find myself more confident and able to reach my “best life” because I feel better equipped for the task.

Elvira is a leader, motivator, an inspiration and has quickly become a most valued friend. I would recommend her as a coach for anyone.

Kevin Yearwood
We all have goals, aspirations and grand ideas. For those who struggle to see their vision into a reality, the stress can cause one to doubt their own abilities and worthiness. Society has also placed expectations on us that are a double standard – pressure to succeed and criticism when we do.

In order to navigate this arena called life, you have to search for and embrace your “why”.

This is very daunting for many and in order to dial into this reason for living and persevering, it’s important to open up to someone who can help you. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

Elvira Hopper has been down a road that has brought her to a place where her experiences and instincts bring a whole new perspective to what drives someone to carry on. This is combined with a warmth and disarming charm that is both reassuring and inspiring. She is a friend first, a coach second. Your path to greatness may need a slight course adjustment or a complete re-evaluation. Either way, Elvira will guide you towards that magic moment where your purpose is clear and your resolve is firm. Her personality and sincerity sets her apart and that cannot be feigned.

She is an exceptional lady and a force of nature.

Greg Nelson

For those who have wondered “should I use a life coach ?” because your feeling lost in some aspect/s of your life or you just need a little guidance , I would defiantly say YES it’s worth it!

Sometimes talking to friends and family just isn’t enough and you will know when you’ll need a different kind of support , when you want someone to inspire you & cheer you on along the way.

Elvira was my coach for about 6 weeks & I received many benefits from our sessions together. The sessions made me feel more inspired & hopeful. It helped me to open up a lot more with my husband and because of that I was able to release feelings that I needed to let go. I learned how to recognize fear vs. intuition.

She also shared a couple of her books with me to read that were very inspiring and she always had suggestions no matter what we were discussing in our sessions. Everyone’s journey is different and you may not have all answers, but that’s ok . Elvira has helped me to see things in a different perspective and I’m feeling more at ease and open to receive as to what the universe has in store for me.

I would recommend Elvira as a life coach as she is truly the “real deal! ” because she talks the talks and walks the walk and she really does care about you and your aspirations. Cheers to your future!

Debbie McFarland
We all go through cross roads in our life and I have been going through mine for a very long time. Friends and family will lend their ear and give advice but in my case I needed an impartial person who could guide and inspire me and that’s what Elvira is doing for me. I already new Elvira to some degree and new of her amazingly positive attitude so this was an easy choice for me to work with her as I trusted her completely. She is truly on your side and really does care about you & your goals. Everything I have requested from her through or sessions she has followed up with no hesitation. I would defiantly recommend Elvira as she is honest and keeps it “real” , and that is one of her many attributes I admire. I feel happy, inspired and empowered after our sessions. I would defiantly recommend Elvira to anyone looking for a life coach as she will cheer you on and inspire you as she is doing for me.
Elvira’s presentation on Loving Your Vibe to a group of Tweens in the Girls Empowered program was amazing. The girls were totally engaged with her story that she shared with them about being bullied as an adult and how that impacted her life and how she chose to deal with it. It was amazing to see the girls get excited about identifying emotions and seeing where it would go on the scale that Elvira shared with them. Thank you Elvira for an amazing evening of inspiration!”

From the girls: (8-10 year olds)

1. “I had so much fun. I learnt about my feelings and how I can choose to feel”

2. “I liked Elvira’s story about being bullied. It is nice to hear of adult going through what a lot of kids have a hard time with”

3. “I had fun. I learned a lot about feelings”

4. “I wish we could have kept going with the activity. It was so much fun

Pramilda Zackhariyas-Seto
It has been my sincere pleasure to be coached by Elvira Hopper. Elvira is such a warm and generous spirit. Through her gentle guidance and coaching I have been reminded of many wonderful truths about my life and myself. I very much look forward to my coaching sessions with Elvira as I make an energetic shift every time. Elvira has helped me to believe that everything I want in my life is already inside of me. She has helped me to remove the clouds so that I can only see sunshine. I look forward to continuing to be coached by Elvira as I love being in her light and her energy. I am filled up after every session with Elvira and look forward to our sessions.
Suzanne Smith
Dear Elvira,
I just wanted to let you know how invaluable your advice and guidance has been to both the start-up of my new business, as well as me personally.

I have undergone a number of difficult situations in my life, including divorce and losing a good job. Needless to say after both of these situations, I found myself at a very low point mentally. I have been working to overcome these feelings and decided to start my own conference planning business. It was shortly after this that I first heard you speak at a “Rise2Radiate” event in Mississauga, in November 2012. You spoke of your own difficulties and how you overcame your issues by creating a positive vibe and through daily gratitude exercises.

I now do my daily gratitude focusing and think of you whenever I feel overcome emotionally by life. This allows me to immediately concentrate on the positive and I am able to deal with whatever situation I am facing.

I can’t tell you how much you have helped me on this new journey and I enjoy your energy and your positivity every time I hear you speak. Thank you so much for the wonderful skills you have taught me!

Susan Phillips
This Star Coach is the real deal! I have had the pleasure of knowing Elvira Hopper for over 15 years and I can honestly say that she lives and breathes personal growth and constant development as a person and as coach. In the wild world of coaching where someone can take a course over a weekend and call themselves a coach, you want someone as committed and qualified as Elvira as your own personal advocate for greatness.

If she says she will be there for you, she always is. You can count on her completely. When you work with Elvira you will feel that she is totally committed to you because she is; she revolves around you and elevating you to your greatest potential. I am so not blowing smoke about this fact.

She is one of the most passionate and vibrant human beings I know. I and others call her the “Queen of Manifestation” as she has a way of easily making you not only believe but know that anything is possible for you. She has a way of helping you discover what you want and begin the journey of manifesting the life of your dreams. She stays by your side the whole way, gently guiding and sometimes courageously challenging you to live your Best life because she knows it’s in you to do.

Angela Kontgen
Long before Elvira answered her calling to step into her role as a life coach, in friendship, she coached and guided me. Brought together in Argo Alumni rehearsals, we became what she called “strut sisters” and the friendship began. Elvira lived west of Toronto and I was east of Toronto, so honestly, we were only really physically in each other’s presence during rehearsals and one performance. But after the cheering subsided, the friendship continued. Late evening texts, emails and phone calls started that fall as my personal life took on so many huge changes and started to fall apart around me. Elvira was a voice in the dark, a light breaking the shadows. She poured love into me, listening, talking, comforting, advising. Not for personal gain, not because she had been in my position or could relate to the experience but simply because she cared. While I journaled away my pain, sorting my life in words, I would share these excerpts with her. One day she simply said, “Jenn, there’s a book in there”. And within weeks, I chose a title. 8 years later, the friendship co iTunes, Elvira has also had her journey through “stuff” and aspired to her true calling and me? Well, I too came out the other side. And this year? Well this year is when that book becomes a reality. With a ‘foreword’ by my girl, E, of course.
Jennifer Magee Kemp
Elvira is a master at helping others recognize their own light. When I met with Elvira, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed. I didn’t quite know what direction I wanted to go with my creativity. Too many options and not enough clarity. She helped me to truly listen to myself, and guide me toward my higher purpose.

By showing me that our greatest gift is one given in service to others, no matter what it is we do, Elvira really helped to shift my perspective and take away much of the burden and pressure I was placing on myself. She cheered for me when I made breakthroughs and discoveries, and pointed out the things I was saying that I wasn’t hearing.

Today, my goal is to stay true to my purpose, and to put my highest self forward, living in light and with positive energy. It’s a journey, not a destination, and today I seek to spend more time as a fountain, and less time as a drain. Thank you Elvira for showing me the tools and techniques to be my best self, and to invite abundance into my life.”

On another note, I’m trying to keep myself aligned to my soul and my goal. It’s been challenging, especially being in an office 7 days a week for 3 weeks while I was in BC. It kinda sucked the wind out of my sails. I’m trying keep my focus on the practice of self care. Free time is an issue, as is trying to work as much as I possibly can to keep the income, well, coming in.

Glen Rhodes
Elvira came into my life at a time when I was in a stuck place. Every day seemed the same and I was lacking inspiration, motivation, and confidence in myself. I had (and still have) my hands and life full with raising two young children and was struggling to come up for air. I am a professional musician and teacher and was really missing that part of myself. I was having a difficult time finding both the time and motivation to do anything for my career or for myself. I was, simply, not living in any kind of joy. Her Miracle Mindset seminar was extremely inspiring and helped me to uncover a lot of what was blocking me, and gave me tools to take my power back and feel like Me again. I rediscovered the parts of me that made me feel the most alive and was reminded of my gifts and how I can use them to serve others on a large scale. Immediately after I ‘shifted my vibe,’ wonderful things started to come my way. Now there are small miracles, like more smiles coming my way, more compliments, and a general feeling of awesomeness. Larger miracles include ideas I have been inspired with, people I have crossed paths with, and a shift in mindset that has given me the confidence and drive to tackle projects I would have avoided in the past. In the time since our initial session, each day has been far from perfect, but with ongoing support from Elvira, I am on my path. I am creating again and opportunities are coming my way every day. Thank you!

Krista Rhodes
I’m not someone who is into over the top spiritually and I am a very practical person. But today in one meeting, Elvira V. Hopper explained to me why my ex husband and I have been through what we’ve been through in the last year. To the extent that I shared it with him even though we rarely speak. And he said – this woman has given you good information and good advice. I’m not saying all can be forgotten but I am far more confident that we will one day reach a happy place.
R.P./ Mississauga
Have you ever met someone and known instantly that your life will be changed forever? From the moment Elvira entered the band rehearsal space, a palpable excitement permeated the room. In an unfamiliar setting, she took the microphone with the poise of a veteran crooner and added an element of grace and flare to her beautiful music. With that incredible smile, it was clear Elvira was doing what she loved.

After singing, she began to share her personal story. A confident and powerful speaker, she had the ability to connect to the members of our congregation, making us feel like in some way, we all experienced a little part of her story. I can honestly say that I shed a tear, believing that I too can find my purpose and begin living the life of my dreams. I can’t wait to write another testimonial telling everyone about my success story soon! Elvira, from the bottom of an awakened heart, thank you.”

(Part 2)

What a treat to work with Elvira. It is so wonderful to see someone truly living their dream. Perhaps more than anyone I know, Elvira practices what she preaches. She is a living example of how amazing her “Love Your Vibe” program actually is. Combining humble service with loving support, she not only teaches, but also models, dare I say exemplifies, how to make the most out of life. In a very short time, my entire world has shifted in incredible ways.

When I first met Elvira, my life was on pause. My career had completely stalled, my personal life was filled with benign and unfulfilling relationships personally and professionally. I lacked any sense of vision or direction and was wallowing in mediocrity. Elvira woke me up to the fact that I had a “Unique Legacy” to fulfill. She gave me empowering tools and different ways of thinking. In only two short months I went from slumped shoulders and barely able to speak up, to start my new company: Hearts On Fire!

The miracles keep piling up as fast as I can accept them. I feel guilty calling them miracles because they are becoming every day occurrences. With outrageous excitement, I look forward to what blessings are coming next with my awesome life coach in my corner. Thank you, thank you, thank you Elvira V. Hopper!

Steven Belaire
Elvira operates in another realm. Her joy is palpable and will change you. Get in her presence. Hire her. Do what you must because it will change you and cause you to let go of limitations and release your highest vibe into the world. I love my vibe! Thanks Elvira!

Marilyn Rodriguez,
#1 International Bestselling Author, The Frequency Coach
Thank you soooooo much from the bottom of my heart. The session yesterday was amazing!! I’m not the best person to express myself and there are not enough words to express my gratitude. You are very special because I feel you really care and give from the heart. I have been waiting more than 10 years to find answers and guidance on some things that have been affecting my personal life and couldn’t believe you were able to provide me with answers in less than one hour. I already feel in peace…with no fear…with confidence and positive about the future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

All the best wishes and blessings.

I have been grappling to find the words today. Something. To describe what happened to me yesterday. I finally found it when I wasn’t looking (the irony is NOT lost on me 🙂

I shifted. Plain and simple, I shifted.

Today I was reminded in so many ways how the Universe works. I did not fall prey to my son’s moodiness-it evaporated within a half hour. I was feeling so much happiness at my son’s new haircut-I tipped the hairdresser more than 20% b/c I was so happy and she accommodated us without an app’t. I turn to pay and there on the counter sits a sign.

Joy. I almost cried.

I’m still digesting all of it, for it was one of the most productive coaching sessions I have ever attended and am beyond thrilled to be embarking on my most successful second half of my life. Because it will be all about service rather than about me. I feel empowered. For the first time in my life I am embracing the massive changes that have now begun.

From my soul, I thank you Elvira. For being YOU and for sharing your gift – I am truly blessed.

J.A., Hamilton
I met Elvira at the bottom of a 10 year roller coaster ride constructed out of anxiety and powerless. The ups and downs were getting more extreme and the end of the ride was starting to look more and more like a fast descent into depression.

I knew I had to find a way out of the cycle of temporary ups and increasingly deeper downs once and for all. But, I didn’t know how. I really didn’t feel there was an answer apart from taking the medication my GP was so quick to offer, which would only patch things up – not change my mindset – was that even a possibility? In my view, I was stuck on this scary ride for the rest of my life.

Elvira and I were not meant to meet. I attended an event at the last minute on the suggestion of acquaintance who had given me her invitation. Elvira had stepped in as a presenter at the last minute too.

It was the last day of February 2015. Mid January through February had been my lowest times ever. Dangerous days of doing no more than getting my sons off to school, returning home to bed and wallow in everything that hadn’t turned out “right” in my life, and be enveloped in my duvet and feelings helplessness and worthlessness. Even en route to the event, I had had a horrible outburst at my husband, angry as hell about old grievances that I had been angry as hell about a million times before.

Distracted and demeaned by myself, I took my seat and listened to each presenter’s opening remarks. I was thinking ahead to lunch with a friend (I wasn’t going to stay at this thing all day.)

And, then Elvira spoke. It was as if I had stood up there and started talking myself. That rollercoaster of stomach churning anxiety and depression. The trials of life that left her showing up as a victim in the world. The vicious downward spiral of negativity that created more negativity and disappointment.

It was my story, but the twist in the plot was – Elvira had found a way off the rollercoaster and had found another way to live. She was having the ride of her life. She exuded such joy and positivity, grounded in an “If I can do it, you can do it too” attitude – I realized at once I had to talk to this woman, that her coaching techniques were my way out.

I dashed off to meet my friend for the pre-planned lunch insisting we return to hear Elvira’s presentation. Elvira talked clearly and animatedly about not just her personal journey, but shared with clarity her techniques for high vibe living that combat the demons of depression, that project and attract the positive, and lead to happiness, peace and fulfillment.

We talked, connected and immediately planned to meet and review my needs. During the follow-up over coffee it was immediately evident that Elvira possesses a gift for intuition, perspective and wisdom. She instinctively knew some of the issues and actions with which I was dealing. It was obvious there was only one way to show up with her – with honesty and openness about the good, bad and ugly in my life. But, the overriding impact of that initial meeting was all encompassing empathy for my situation and a commitment to get me through the darkness and into an enlightened mindset.

Despite Elvira’s belief in me, her professionalism and expertise, I still doubted that I could do it. That I could change my mindset from a lifetime’s cycle of feeling inadequate, of people pleasing and victimhood. Elvira simply needed to know I was not completely closed, and I offered up the small amount of faith I had retained somewhere in the recesses of my mind. Our series of weekly calls began.

Six months later I hardly recognize the person I am now and the person I was back then. And, it’s due to Elvira’s patient, committed guidance and drive that I am a more confident and happy person. She listened to my story without judging and with understanding. She provided cleansing perspective and most importantly gentle (and occasionally tough) guidance and techniques to move ahead.

Her approach is founded on a belief that the energy of the Universe impacts everything – that positive attracts positive and similarly negative attracts negative. There is both spiritual and scientific “proof” for this foundation. And, that is where the faith comes in – a willingness to believe that there are forces beyond our control. Just a little bit of faith and Elvira adjusts the context to whether the science or spirituality resonates more with you.

From there, the coaching is practical with context based on real life situations and applied to individual needs. There is always momentum forward with everyday actions and activities that gradually retrain your mind to react in new and more positive ways. Slip ups are inevitable, but the techniques and change in thought processes make it possible to avoid falling too far behind and get back on track quickly with a fresh new attitude.

While Elvira’s teachings and daily activities are invaluable, it is her personality that truly makes this work (and it is work) achievable. From her devotion to your personal growth, her in depth knowledge and wisdom, openness and kindness, sense of humour and huge heart, vibrancy and vision, she is truly there with you every step of the way, and in the way you need, until you gain the confidence and consciousness to go it alone. She is totally in your corner, fighting for you and believing in you (even when you doubt yourself.) This is what makes the difference and makes Elvira so special.

For myself, I cannot believe the personal transformation through which Elvira has guided me. The depths from which I have emerged given the skeptism with which I started this process. It’s not always easy and there’s still a ways to go, but thanks to Elvira and her unfaltering belief in me, I have found the real me and I am looking forward to what more will be revealed, the new opportunities life is now affording me and the peace and contentment that is becoming more of my being everyday.

I have joked that Elvira is my fairy godmother and in the words of a famous one “even miracles take a little time”, but thanks to Elvira they happen. She truly can work magic and uncover your miracle mindset. And is she can do it for me, she can do it for you too.

K.N./ North Toronto

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