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Working with Jennifer will provide you with a caring and compassionate ally. Someone who will have your back, who will shine a light while you do the work to reveal your true self. She will provide encouragement and be your biggest cheerleader. Jennifer strives to help every individual to the best of her ability, to feel safe, seen, celebrated and supported, allowing the space and grace for the healing required in a goal oriented manner.

7 reviews for Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mentorship

  1. Janet Shore

    I have had the honour and the privilege of being a Miracle Mindset Mentor Apprentice under the guidance of Jennifer in the 6 month program. She leads with a big heart, with abundant knowledge, personal experience and the grace of an Angel! Being mentored by Jennifer is like being given a gift that we get to unwrap every single session. I came away knowing more, understanding more and with my own heart having expanded with love!

    Thank you Jennifer for bringing such grace and ease and flow to this beautiful program.

    I am truly grateful for all I have learned from you.

    I am also truly grateful to have witnessed your brilliance and growth and inner beauty shine brightly!

  2. Beverley Goldes

    I was blessed to be a part of the 6 month mentorship programme of the LYVT, lead by Jennifer Hawkins.

    Jennifer is truly one of a kind, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a sincere, intuitive, open-hearted, compassionate mentor who can hold space for you in community or 1:1; witness and meet you exactly where you are at with no judgement, but with the experience of a woman who is self-aware and whose passion for living the best version of her self is tangible and inspiring!!

    Thank you Jennifer for seeing me, hearing me and celebrating me as I moved through this explorative 6 month programme – I am forever grateful for your love, guidance and support!! – Bev Goldes

  3. Akosua Joy Brown

    Jennifer is so open and honest it makes it easier for you to be the same. My eyes widened when I was in my first session with her because it was so refreshing to be led by her. As a result, I was able to reveal a secret that I’d been carrying for thirty years. With that I could get rid of shame.

    I feel so much more confident now that I am free from having to contort myself to suit others. I learned how secrets poison our minds and affect how we view ourselves and the world. Jennifer is a powerful teacher and mentor. A great advocate for your emergence as an authentic, empowered person. I don’t think I’ve met a person who embodies the word “empowered” more than Jennifer. Her stories, her warmth, her love were what I needed for my latest stage of personal development. I truly grew due to her course and I’m so happy to be part of her community.

  4. Erika A.

    Jennifer’s kind and compassionate heart reaches your soul.
    Thank you Jennifer for your guidance, support and leadership. Everytime I attended a virtual session with her I could feel her inviting energy. She holds safe space for everyone.
    As a participant of the 6 months Love your Vibe Transformation Program, I felt loved while healing. And then, as an apprentice in her program, I witnessed her building the community where one feels loved.
    Looking forward to more opportunities to work alongside her and the team.

  5. Stephanie Sebastiano

    I’ve been so thrilled to work with Jennifer over these past 6 months in “The Love Your Vibe” transformation program! I have learned, grown, and healed in many ways, thanks to her commitment to guide us, hold space for us, and for encouraging us.

    The value provided by Jennifer is comprised of many things, and each amplifies our own personal success, and the success of our group! As her apprentice, I had the opportunity to experience her knowledge as an observer and as a student!

    Jennifer is bright, knowledgeable, tender, honest, intuitive, funny, genuine, professional, prepared, encouraging, welcoming, nurturing, comforting, committed, considerate, empathetic, wise, and SO much more!

    These are all wonderful and valuable gifts to have, especially when sharing and supporting us as we journey through many emotions together.

    I have always felt safe, seen, celebrated, and supported whenever I’ve worked with Jennifer!! I can’t wait to do it again! ☀️

  6. Teri

    I had the privilege of having Jennifer as my mentor for the Love Your Vibe Program. She is insightful, open and truly holds space to allow others to shine and heal. I learnt so much from her and always felt seen and understood in your presence. I would recommend her a million times over to anyone who is looking for support.

  7. Christy

    I had the pleasure of walking this six month journey with Jennifer and it has been a blessing in my life to have done so! Jennifer is such a kind hearted and generous leader who held sacred space for the group while remaining in her own authenticity. A true leader of transformation and a gift to the participants who have the opportunity to walk with Jennifer in this container!

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