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Elizabeth Smith

Overcoming Depression . Self Worth . Relationships

Work with Elizabeth to become the best you can be…go from being a “crap-magnet” to a “miracle magnet”!

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Being the youngest of 7, I grew up in a house of noise, chaos and clutter.

My parents both lived through The Depression and the Second World War, and their mindsets reflected that period of lack.

We lived under the poverty line, although I didn’t know we were poor.

I just knew everyone else had more.

My mother suffered from bipolar disorder. And I do mean suffered. She was institutionalized, and underwent shock treatment on and off, for many years.

With so many people in one house, noise was a fact of life, and with my mother’s emotional outbursts, and subsequent suicidal tendencies, chaos was always close at hand. With my mother fighting her own demons and my father working long days to make ends meet, the clutter started creeping in.

Despite all of that, my mother was a fighter, and a strong woman who taught her children good values, to love each other and to always be kind.

I loved my mother and admired all that she did, but I did not want to be like my mother in the way she could not get a handle on the “stuff”.

I lived many years on my own, and kept a very clean, organized place.

However, once I married, and had 3 children, my space soon started looking like my mother’s.

I woke up one day and I was my mother, I woke up the next day and was worse than my mother.

I had never had great self worth growing up. Too many sisters imposing their thoughts on me.

Not a lot of friends, and too many boyfriends with not my best interests at heart.

I married a wonderful man, but he too carried his own baggage of negative self-worth.

We were both laid off from our jobs, and then health issues started to appear.

Before we knew it, we were in so much debt, that the only options left to us were selling our home and declaring bankruptcy.

Self reflection saved my sanity and kept my marriage together.

Once I realized that I had options, that I had choices, my self worth improved dramatically.

When I realized that I had gotten to where I was because of the choices I made…I was mad, that I had no one else to blame, but myself.

However, with that realization, I was also freed…because if my choices got me to this despicable place in my life, then my choices from that day forward would get me to the life I wanted to lead.

I am worthy, and no one’s opinion about me matters, except my own.

My life struggles were not a punishment, but rather a training ground, so that I could one day help others reclaim their lives. I look forward to helping others.

I am truly honoured that my life experiences have put me in a position that I can help others.

I am here to humbly serve.

Justin Tesser

Self-Expression . Authentic Living . Mental Wellness

Work with Justin to become the best you can be…go from being a “crap-magnet” to a “miracle magnet”!

My name is Justin and I am a musician and music teacher.

From an early age I was blessed with the gift of music. It has always been an expressive outlet for me. As a child I was also very imaginative and a natural entertainer.

But being different in some way was something that came with its costs, especially being a young queer person.

I experienced rejection and bullying at school and I simply didn’t know how to fit in. I became very quiet and didn’t speak up.

Later as a young adult, I struggled with insecurity, depression and anxiety, with a total disregard for academics throughout my school experience.

I managed to make friends when I joined school band and choir. I also joined local community theater.

These were organizations that celebrated the arts and had placed me within a solid community, where there were many interesting people of many diverse backgrounds, and there I had felt a natural sense of belonging.

Nevertheless, my depression continued to follow me after high school and I became self isolated.

Eventually, when I made an effort to connect with friends, I had gained a further sense of community, where I felt secure, I slowly began the process of ‘coming out’.

This shifted me into feeling authentically myself and more self-expressed.

The people close to me had now noticed me as a completely new person and yet I had felt more myself than ever.

When I then revealed myself to family and eventually to my parents, this further gave me a sense of support and feeling truly seen.

Since then, I have focused more on my musical passions and talents and this has helped me to feel aligned.

I have also been dedicated to not only implementing my own inner work and healing, but encouraging others to do so.

I am passionate about mental health advocacy, and I stand firmly behind the anti-bullying movement, as I understand the effects that resulting trauma can inflict on a person’s entire well-being.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’! I resonated very much with the transformational teachings & tools that are shared in this course.

It has pushed me to do even more of my own inner work, and I feel that this is simple, yet important work that anyone can practice in their daily routine.

I am looking forward to serving youth who struggle as I once did, as a Miracle Mindset Mentor. I wish to co-create small communities (just like those who had helped me escape my own darkness) so that all can feel safe, seen, celebrated and supported!

I hope that my unique experience and insights I’ve gained over the years, may encourage & inspire LGBTQ youth to grow into the fullest expression of themselves, SO they can live their healthiest, best & most authentic lives!

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