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The VIP Miracle Intensive is for those who are well established in their personal development journey who feel a little stagnant or stuck and need a powerful spiritual catapult into their most brilliant future ☆

Elvira escorts you through 3 hours in 3 phases to help you connect to the miracles you seek at the highest level ☆

Your exclusive, one-on-one session (live or online) with this powerfully personal development courses includes:

A unique to you, sacred sound healing to raise your vibe and prime your soul ♡

Co-creation of a one-of-a-kind pieces as talisman of your journey ☆

A 3 hour, KICKASS power coaching session!

BONUS: The highly valued personal development program ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’ (Valued at $997) To keep you a Miracle Magnet FOREVER!

Get out of your own f’n way…your Miracle Life awaits!

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Each Session Includes

  1. A unique to you sacred sound healing to raise your vibe and prime your soul
  2. Co-creation of a one-of-a-kind piece as a talisman of your journey of our journey together so you can always return to the miracles
  3. 3 Hour, KICK ASS power personal development courses session!
  4. BONUS: The high valued online personal development program ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’ (Valued at $997) to keep you a Miracle Magnet Forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I studied coaching at one of the best schools on the planet (Coach U),  I am unlike any other coach.

My Story of inauthentic living which lead to my ‘personal darkness’ (depression, anxiety, panic disorder & suicidal idealization at my rock bottom) / ‘blessed breakdown’, was in essence destiny tapping me on the shoulder. Getting me ready to leave behind my false life to live my truth, so I could help others do the same. I asked for a way out out of my darkness that wasn’t drugs or therapy…and it was divinely gifted to me in the form of ‘The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset‘.

This unique system can help ANY heart-centred, kind, sensitive, creative and talented soul to stop being a Crap Magnet and become a Miracle Magnet instead…someone living the life of THEIR dreams (not their parent’s or society’s), naturally escaping their ‘darkness’ (mental, physical, addictions, bad relationships, etc), and most importantly connection with WHY they are here in this lifetime.

I don’t want anyone to die with their real music still in them ☆
The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset‘ is a series of teachings and tools that can help anyone who has ever been a people pleaser, a victim or anyone who has given their power away, I lovingly refer to them as ‘Crap Magnets‘ as this was me back in my ‘imposter days’. These tools will help anyone connect with their REAL personal power for the first time, this ‘shift’ allows them to take their life to a whole new level where they can attract everything they have ever desired (a Miracle Magnet)!

The teachings include Universal principles such as ‘Law of Attraction‘ and other powerful concepts that can transform any individual (Spiritual or not) wishing to live their dreams and bigger Purpose…their WHY ☆
Are you a kind and sensitive person who may have inadvertently chosen a career path to please your parents?

Did you want to make them look good by choosing a life they would be proud of…but deep down does not feel authentically YOU?

Do you feel like an IMPOSTER, as you have been pulling off your charade (looking successful to your parents and society) for SO long that you don’t even know who you truly are or what your dreams are anymore? Do you crave to break out to live YOUR truth?

Perhaps you are a closet artist? Did you know that by breaking through your facade to live YOUR truth, EVERY area of your life gets better?!

You CAN attract the life of YOUR dreams. An example is: You CAN attract ideal people into your life…and the wrong ones leave you very organically. It’s actually very magical how life unfolds to serve you in every way you desire!

When you start ‘loving your vibe‘, guided by me – a very powerful and intuitive coach, be prepared to receive miracles big and small on a daily basis ☆
You find yourself experiencing peace, joy, love and success…rather quickly and you wonder ‘how the heck did THAT happen’?

The reality is that ‘The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset‘ helped you shift your vibration, from a generally low setting to a high setting, and you have actually become a ‘Miracle Magnet‘ and have attracted to you ALL you have ever desired…or at the very least, have a firm plan in place for it to happen ☆

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