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This Star Coach is the real deal! In the wild world of coaching where someone can take a course over a weekend and call themselves a coach, you want someone as committed and qualified as Elvira as your own personal advocate for greatness.


I help kind, heart-centered, beautiful souls get out of their own f’n (fear & ego) way to create an authentic life of THEIR dreams (not their parent’s or society’s).

I want them to naturally and quickly leave behind the darkness that has kept them stuck and connect to WHY they were brought here in THIS lifetime.

♡  I don’t want my beautiful tribe to die with their REAL music still in them ♡


I was divinely gifted with The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset, which are the teachings and tools that saved my life.

After two ROCKSTAR, yet impostor, healthcare professional careers spanning 27 years, I suffered 2 years of adult bullying, depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Suicidal ideation was my rock bottom.

I call that period of my life my blessed breakdown, as it catapulted me into my authentic dream life as a Miracle Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Artistic Healer

I have truly created the life of my every dream including a 30 year Miracle Marriage. It was a struggle and clash of egos before I was gifted with my unique and powerful system. My inauthentic ego living nearly killed my marriage several times. Now our marriage is a DREAM!

On another personal note, I inspired our only dear son to live HIS dream life! My beloved hubby and I recently witnessed our boy create a beautiful life with his beloved, supported by an exciting career as a data scientist at a world class tech company. Our cups truly runneth over ♡

I learned to get out of my OWN f’n way and became a professional jazz musician at the ripe sweet age of 51!

At nearly 57, I’ve fused my love for performing musically with my healing abilities and I call myself an Artistic Healer. I heal with sacred instruments and my voice.

I’m a professional coach, blessed to be a graduate of one of the best schools on the planet (Coach U). My coaching business has expanded from 1:1 sessions, online courses, workshops and global retreats to a very unique online system The Love Your Vibe Transformation. Lightworkers can use my powerful online platform/framework to create GREAT income, serving their tribes with their Story, Message and Magic!

I believe that Lightworkers need to create GREAT abundance, so they get to do what they were brought here to do, with love, ease and joy ☆





Elvira V. Hopper

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