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Decide whether you’d like to serve your tribe, to change their lives and make great income by sharing The VIP Mindset Reset Online and perhaps go on to lead a Miracle Mindset Mastermind to share your Story, Message and Magic on a global level . Join an ambassador program that pays☆


Share the well received VIP Mindset Reset Online and know that you are making a BIG difference in the personal development of those you care about.

As a Love your Vibe Ambassador you will be sharing the VIP Mindset Reset Online, ie. the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset Teachings and Tools which are intended to not only support your OWN personal growth, but the growth of those you care about ♡

Ambassador program that pays is a powerful opportunity, yet simple vehicle to help you make a supplementary income, while making an impact on the world!

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Sign up to become a Love Your Vibe Ambassador/Affiliate Partner at the link below

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You will receive an email with a link to The VIP Mindset Reset Online. You will need to take this course to become familiar with The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset teachings and tools.

These are the same tools that saved Elvira’s life and it’s her life mission to share this divinely gifted system with the world through Ambassadors like you.

Investing in an ambassador program that pays is truly an investment in yourself. Not only will it leave you feeling comfortable sharing the teachings…you will be able to speak to the shifts and miracles you have created…so YOU are proof it WORKS!

Step 3

Once you’ve purchased The VIP Mindset Reset Online you will receive an email with your access to the program as well as your LYV Ambassador Dashboard. You can login to your new LYV Ambassador Dashboard and get familiar with your promotional material, links and revenue stream builders… then you can start creating great income right away!

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