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Elvira V. Hopper & Darryl Joseph-Dennie (Heart & Soul) have been a well received jazz fusion duo (vocals & piano) since 2013 ☆

A total match made in heaven as they connected when Darryl taught Elvira piano lessons when he was only 18…and shevwas his first adult student. Yet as she was a busy & defiant pharmaceutical rep and did not do her homework. After 3 months she got frustrated and unceremoniously packed it in.

Fortunately Darryl was not too shell shocked as he received her back into his music teaching room 6 years later after her 2 different jazz duos with 2 different talented artists fell apart(strangely enough due to both of her partner’s marriages falling apart… now Darryl jokes that when he’s married one day…he will have to break up the band to protect his marriage…lol) as she SO needed to perform and their music felt like magic ☆

They were asked to perform at a famous fundraiser a few weeks later…and it’s felt like heaven ever since!

They add a very classy & sublime vibe to any event as their music is mainly ‘The American Songbook’ as well as ‘jazzified’ Rock & Pop ☆

Elvira channels messages to inspire their audiences to go for THEIR dreams too…as she believes it’s NEVER too late!

Check out their Facebook Page here for a promo video, photogallery & past shows…..

Heart & Soul are available for:
Wedding cocktail receptions
Restaurant special events
Or…Basically anywhere you wish to entertain & inspire your group in a jazzpirational way

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