How Eleanor Can Help You Go from
Crap Magnet to Miracle Magnet

When you subscribe to the Love Your Vibe Transformation with Eleanor as your Mentor, you will be welcomed to a safe and secure place where everyone is celebrated and supported. She is pleased to hold space for your insight and processing with hope, inspiration and tools for your personal journey. Her gifts include emotional intelligence with compassion and empathy, with techniques including Reiki and acupressure tapping to facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual shifts for your highest good!


Come grow with us! Join our intentional community to learn & practice the transformational teachings & tools, together! Be safe, seen, celebrated & supported for enhanced integration of self improvement!


Strengthen your inner belief in the power to heal and live with divine purpose. Grow to be aligned & authentic with emotional intelligence.Confidently shine your unique light into the world!


Embrace the opportunity to learn & practice personal development skills. Learn to heal by shifting perspective, for clarity in seeing your unique WHY (World Helped by You)! Experience powerful healing by practicing useful tools!

Eleanor Hayward

Over the past 18 years, I’ve supported hundreds of clients in the field of health and wellness as a massage therapist and holistic practitioner. My specialty is creating space for people and asking powerful questions, to facilitate Ah-Ha moments for embodied action.

Along the path of being an independent entrepreneur, I discovered many valuable personal growth tools. It felt like the hard path to growth though, working with one tool at a time, most often on my own. Although my life shifted, and I started creating moments of magic, I still struggled with making the bigger transformation I desired.

UNTIL, I discovered The Love Your Vibe Transformation by Elvira, which captures such a synergistic blend of tools brilliantly—with some effective, unique additions—into ONE personal development SOULution. Plus, the effect is amplified by a beautiful community! Using The Love Your Vibe Transformation, I’ve overcome such challenges as:

  • ego dynamics, including bullying & victimhood
  • frustrating miscommunications
  • family traumas
  • power-struggles
  • unhealthy relationship boundaries

Now, rather than just experiencing a glimpse of the miracles, I more often manifest my intentions. I’ve discovered the ability to transform fear into excitement, and step out of my comfort zone with love (for that’s where the miracles await us!).

It is my honour to mentor you in this program and shine a light so you, too, can get out of your own f’n (fear & ego) way and create the authentic life of YOUR dreams. With my super-powers of empathy and curiosity, I’m blessed to serve so you can explore off the beaten path of the status quo and create your miracle life.

How to Join Eleanor’s Miracle Mindset

Begin Your Transformation with the building blocks to success:

Learn how to get out of your own f’n (fear & ego) way with The VIP Mindset Reset Online. It’s time to start creating a life of miracles…a life that you love!


Now that you have the building blocks to your growth it’s time to join Eleanor’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind!

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