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The Love Your Vibe Transformation
A 6-Month Group Mentorship Program
January – June 2021

Do you find you are merely surviving in any of this “Crap Magnet” quicksand? We’d LOVE to show you our SOULutions for thriving as a “Miracle Magnet”! Imagine instead you:
Struggling with low self-confidence Feel more confident and in touch with your personal power
Feeling stuck with unfulfilling relationships or career Embrace your power in meaningful relationships and career
Even more anxious and isolated since the pandemic Establish deeper connections to support healthier living
Feeling lost and unsure of your purpose Peel back the crap to reveal your joyous and true self
Pointing fingers with resentment or judgement Identify different actions you can take to get better results
Wondering what it really takes to get off the hamster wheel Align with the Miracle Life you want and create more of everything you desire & deserve

In this life-changing program, you will:

  • Discover self-love to build and maintain self-worth
  • Take back your power with great boundaries to create more fulfilling relationships
  • Develop a deeper sense of peace and belonging in genuine community
  • Unlearn old beliefs that keep you stuck so you can BREAK FREE and live the life of your dreams
  • Grow a deeper sense of security and become more confident
  • Love and accept yourself where you are
  • Reconnect to your inner child’s desires (Hint: this is where you discover your purpose)

Program Includes

The VIP Mindset Reset Online Course

  • 3+ hours of audio and video training that walks you through a proven system for getting out of the Crap Magnet quicksand and into your Miracle Magnet mindset
  • Discover how to tap into and live from your unique Vibration of Authentic Power
  • Be guided to unleash the authentic you, your gifts and legacy
  • Includes lifetime access

12 LIVE Group Mentorship Sessions

In these powerful and intuitive small group sessions (Mentored by either Eleanor or Jennifer), you receive the support you need to get from your Crap Magnet Zone into your Miracle Magnet Zone. Specifically this is your time and space to:

  • Receive guidance and support  applying the teachings and tools of The VIP Miracle Mindset Reset Online Course to your personal life
  • Be uplifted by a community of ‘like-hearted’ individuals, as you are ALL committed to becoming YOU 2.0
  • Ask and learn from others’ Q & A
  • Feel safe, seen, celebrated and supported together

Bi-monthly over 6 months; 2 hour sessions all delivered via Zoom.

Private Facebook Group

  • Get and stay connected 24/7
  • Ask questions
  • Get and give feedback
  • Celebrate each other
  • Personal development can raise all kinds of issues and questions which is why this FB group is PRICELESS.

Feeling safe, seen, celebrated and supported is KEY to becoming a Miracle Magnet for life.

Growing together in community is incredibly powerful.

Program Details

The Power of Your Story

  • Discover powerful language for deeper insight & healing with The Emotional Intelligence Wheel so that you can better understand how you’ve been feeling and allow the truth of your state of mind to be uncovered
  • Further explore your emotions in Crap Magnet Zone to clarify where you get stuck in your daily life so that you can become aware of these feelings and allow for a more beneficial response.
  • Gain perspective on your IBTT (I’m Better Than This) moments for deeper understanding of self (which is a key to making the shift into a Miracle Mindset)
  • Use powerful journaling practices for deeper insight into the story you’re telling yourself, that keeps you stuck in the Crap Magnet Zone

Things Happen FOR YOU Not TO YOU

  • Discover The Vibrational Scale and how to use it to get present to – and more easily increase – your daily vibration (Hint: the higher your vibe, the more attractive you are to miracles!)
  • Learn how to get out of triggered responses and reactions using the Nasty Contrast Game of Ego so you feel more confident and in control of your choices
  • Get powerful breathing practices that calm your nervous system, help you to relax and stabilize emotional reactions
  • Use powerful journaling practices to vent frustrations and lighten up
  • Practice shifting into higher states of well-being, quickly, using The Attitude of Gratitude

 From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

  • Empower yourself by taking radical responsibility for your emotions in all situations as this is the KEY to personal growth
  • Learn to recognize triggers and how integral they are to opening space for healing
  • Catch yourself when you play the finger-pointing blame game as taking radical responsibility for yourself is required to live a Miracle Life
  • Reflect upon your Angels of Evolution to realize the opportunities for self love and deeper personal growth
  • Develop the super-power of forgiveness so that you can relieve emotional burdens and create a sense of peace moving forward

Flip The Script!

  • Learn how to develop healthy boundaries using The 4 Circles of Personal Power to create more loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Embrace self love and inner reflection with Mirror Work to reconnect within, as “the eyes are the window to the soul” (William Shakespeare)
  • Nurture the younger parts of yourself with Inner Child Work so that you can let go of your past and live into your brilliant future
  • Discover the Pillar of Extreme Self Care so that you take impeccable care of yourself and get even better results in life

Love Your Vibe

  • Engage with the Pillar of Creativity for self-expression, to rediscover your hidden talents and tap into your joy
  • Tap into the Pillar of Spirituality for a sense of the sacred in daily life and a deeper alliance with your intuition
  • Discover how to use meditation as a tool for connection with inner peace, serenity and concentration for increased productivity
  • Reach a high vibe state with your very own Miracle Mindset Ritual to forge stronger bonds with your higher self for lasting well-being

Your Unique Legacy

  • Uncover your personal superpowers and explore how they can enhance and truly assist in creating the life of YOUR dreams
  • Explore Your WHY, the World Helped by You and your purpose in this lifetime
  • Tap into the powers of manifestation by creating a Vision Board to focus your intentions
  • Celebrate your unique differences as strengths


A 30-Minute private Clarity Call with your Mentor (Jennifer or Eleanor)
(Valued @ $100)

  • Get support in creating a clear and compelling vision for your Miracle Life
  • Get 1:1 support with overcoming your biggest challenge
  • Develop a plan for how to make the most out of your 6-month program
  • Opportunity to ask questions

The Love Your Vibe Tribe Membership website for HIGH VIBE content 24/7
(Valued @ $300)

  • Community: connect with other members globally to share ideas, inspire each other and discuss unique topics.
  • Healing: listen to the audio recordings, created by our Founder, Elvira (jazz artist turned sacred sound healer) to soothe and heal your frazzled body, mind and soul.
  • Inspiration: access fresh new content regularly from Elvira and her team, designed to assist you in making the most out of the program, while staying inspired and elevated.

Extra Support & Engagement (Value @ PRICELESS)

  • Our “Beta Test” mentorship program is designed as a teaching system, with dedicated Apprentices in Mentor training, to amplify your personal growth in our community.
  • Our Apprentices were a key part of our effective “Alpha Test” earlier this year, see our exciting testimonials below!

I had the great privilege of being part of the Alpha Test of The Love Your Vibe Transformation 6-Month Group Mentorship Program with these illustrious women, Eleanor Hayward and Jennifer Hawkins leading the way. It was truly an atmosphere where I felt completely safe, seen, celebrated and supported, meaning comfortable and at ease to share my stories and innermost feelings with only love being reflected back. It felt amazing!

And now I’m super excited to be an apprentice in the Beta Test of the Program launching January 2021! As an Apprentice, I will continue learning (like I did as a pharmacy apprentice many moons ago) with the other participants. With a solid grasp of the fabulous concepts, I can be a support to the participants while Jennifer and Eleanor work their magic. It’s such a beautiful way to experience personal growth, and I know that everyone involved will gain insight and clarity on their journey, while making new connections and friends. How awesome is that?

Janet Shore

INVEST in YOU with our special ‘one-time’ price

Option 1: Full Pay: $1497+HST (Save $285)*

Option 2: $297+HST / month for 6 months*

*if you have already purchased The VIP Mindset Reset Online Course, you will be rebated upon emailing your receipt to elvira@elvirahopper.com

Early Bird Bonus

Purchase by 11:59pm EST Wednesday December 23, 2020 and receive a Sacred Sound Bath group Zoom on Tuesday January 5, 2021 @ 7-8pm

Be soothed & healed at a deep cellar level through Elvira V. Hopper (jazz artist turned sacred sound healer)’s musical channelings & messages.
Spirit will serve YOU through her ♡


You may gravitate to either Eleanor or Jennifer! If you feel warmly about both, you can select ‘either’ from the drop-down field in the shopping cart. From there, Elvira will help you determine your perfect match.

Jennifer Hawkins

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! A bit about me: I’ve worked in the service industry for the past 30 years. During this time I’ve supported hundreds of clients and have seen time and again, the pain of the human condition: how we repeat the same old patterns, punishing ourselves.

I met Elvira 16 years ago and I watched her as she developed The Love Your Vibe Transformation, and the dramatic effect it had on her life. I realized that I could do the same, and I knew then that I had found a system to assist me in getting out of my old ways of being.

This system helped me overcome such challenges as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Boundary creation
  • Disempowered belief systems
  • Self worthlessness

I recognized and unlearned old beliefs, instilled huge amounts of self love and in doing so healed past trauma. This ultimately changed my relationships with family, friends, clients and my biggest nemesis: alcohol. With my new-found self worth and the tools of The Love Your Vibe Transformation to turn to, I have completely recreated my life.

Now my passion has turned to supporting heart-centred, “people-pleasers” to get out of their own f’n (fear and ego) way. It’s truly a blessing to watch my clients blossom into the beautiful selves they really are and create the life of their DREAMS. I have an innate ability to hold a loving, vulnerable and safe space to allow for your insight and deeper healing. By engaging with me, you too may be empowered to evolve from Crap Magnet to Miracle Magnet.

Eleanor Hayward

Over the past 18 years, I’ve supported hundreds of clients in the field of health and wellness as a massage therapist and holistic practitioner. My specialty is creating space for people and asking powerful questions, to facilitate Ah-Ha moments for embodied action.

Along the path of being an independent entrepreneur, I discovered many valuable personal growth tools. It felt like the hard path to growth though, working with one tool at a time, most often on my own. Although my life shifted, and I started creating moments of magic, I still struggled with making the bigger transformation I desired.

UNTIL, I discovered The Love Your Vibe Transformation by Elvira, which captures such a synergistic blend of tools brilliantly–with some effective, unique additions–into ONE personal development SOULution. Plus, the effect is amplified by a beautiful community! Using The Love Your Vibe Transformation, I’ve overcome such challenges as:

  • ego dynamics, including bullying & victimhood
  • frustrating miscommunications
  • family traumas
  • power-struggles
  • unhealthy relationship boundaries

Now, rather than just experiencing a glimpse of the miracles, I more often manifest my intentions. I’ve discovered the ability to transform fear into excitement, and step out of my comfort zone with love (for that’s where the miracles await us!).

It is my honour to mentor you in this program and shine a light so you, too, can get out of your own f’n (fear & ego) way and create the authentic life of YOUR dreams. With my super-powers of empathy and curiosity, I’m blessed to serve so you can explore off the beaten path of the status quo and create your miracle life.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I felt privileged to be part of this program. The vulnerable, open, loving, caring atmosphere and approach made me feel safe, progressing, and curing the wounds of my soul. Thank you, Eleanor, for your full engagement with every word I shared, thank you for your caring and deep diving, encouragement, and celebrating! I highly recommend this program!

Maria N. Angelova

Before working with Jennifer I struggled with my confidence, owning my authenticity, trusting myself and my decisions, being brave and just ‘going for it!!’

In working with Jennifer, I discovered more about her story, which inspired me to do the hard work that she’s been doing with her own healing. She also taught me to trust the process!

After working with Jennifer, and because she shared her vulnerability with me, I gained the courage to do the same and I knew she had my back if I needed her!

Jennifer helped me to understand more about, and be more open to my own shadow work. Jennifer is always thoughtful, honest and respectable all while still holding me accountable. I felt very supported, empowered and encouraged by her and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!

Stephanie Sebastiano

A Personal Note From Founder, Elvira V. Hopper

Especially during this global pandemic with SO many beautiful souls struggling, I feel extremely privileged that because of MY personal breakdown–where I did NOT wish to go on living–I was divinely gifted (I truly didn’t make up this miraculous system) with a ‘way out’, namely ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’.

I would go through every single moment of pain I endured in my final 2 corporate Crap Magnet years again, because I was born to share this NEW personal development SOULution with the world, through beautiful heart centred leaders like Eleanor and Jennifer!

I had done a LOT of personal development in my 45 years, yet at my rock bottom NOTHING worked for me (eg; Tony Robbins teachings, Landmark Education, Roman Catholic teachings etc.).

I asked for a ‘way out’ that was not drugs or therapy (no disrespect to anyone using these methods) or for a way of ending my life. Yikes! Thankfully I got a WAY; and that WAY has become a MOVEMENT, as I was told that it was NOT just for me. I have never returned to my ‘mental health hell’ since I received it. It truly WAS a MIRACLE!

Using this system, The Love Your Vibe Transformation, supported me to get aligned & authentic and FULLY self-expressed (where I even became a pro jazz artist at 51 years old), which saved my sanity and my life. My virtual every dream has come true! For example, my 31 year marriage was very rocky for most of it, yet it is a dream today. Everything I do is pure passion and purpose, so I don’t work a day in my life. I live in complete alignment with my true Purpose. I want this for the world!

I have been told by many that this WAY of doing ‘personal development’ helped them even more than Tony Robbins, Landmark & other systems. It’s ideal for kind & heart centred souls as it’s a more gentle, with a less ‘in your face,’ approach. What I like BEST is that small communities will be gathering globally to LOVE THEIR VIBE, and stay in Miracle Magnet Zone FOREVER! I invite YOU to benefit TOO!

Bottom line dear souls: our lives will never be smooth & perfect, but I can guarantee that when you have these simple yet powerful teachings & tools in your back pocket, you can bounce back quicker and your caring mentors and beautiful community helps you to stay there!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Life is a journey with many ups and downs. I walked my path with Jennifer for the past 6 months and I found her to be a loving generous soul. She helped me get through some very dark times. Jennifer holds the light when you can’t. She is committed to her clients and will always be there for them.


The biggest result I experienced in working with Eleanor is that I no longer feel guilty in letting go of my ‘people pleasing’ tendencies.

I learned to recognize when relationships were becoming toxic, and I can now comfortably and confidently put people in my far outer circle with love and light, while I continue my journey.

This has given me more clarity, and freedom to let go of any guilt that I was feeling when my growth exceeded those of loved ones.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, Eleanor! Thank you so much for your calm manner, your kind heart, and your encouragement to dig deeper to break through barriers I was initially afraid to explore.

E. Smith

It can be difficult, lonely and scary embarking on the journey of personal development. We are fellow travelers. Allow us the privilege of accompanying you on your path!

  • To be your cheerleaders in your accomplishments
  • Your umbrella-holders in times of sadness
  • Your gladiators who will always believe in you, and your abilities to heal yourself
  • To be your light when you think you’ve lost your way
  • And a safe place to rest when needed

We can’t promise you anything other than this, as it’s your journey!
Will you choose us as your companions?