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What is This Course All About?

A wonderful thing about this unique & transformational online course is that you have the ability to do it anywhere, any time, and at your own pace!

Do you want to listen to the course on your phone while driving home from work every night? We’ve got your Audio Lessons!

Prefer to relax with tea and watch your lesson? Well, we’ve got your Video Lessons!

Enjoy reading? Perfect, you can read through the PDF Version of the course!

It should take approximately 3 hours in total.

At the end, you may wish to learn how to live & breathe these powerful teachings & tools even deeper, by working intimately (1:1) with our founder, Elvira V. Hopper, or join one of her fabulous Miracle Mindset Mentors’ beautiful 6 Month Mentoring Programs…so you may learn to feel, heal and reveal the GREATEST version of YOU ☆

Elvira & her team passionately believe that you can use these sacred yet simple teachings & tools to get aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed to become a Miracle Magnet in your life & biz/career…and leave your BIGGEST legacy behind. ♡

We feel that a world filled with heart-centred humans who ‘love their vibe’ could actually be ‘heaven on earth’! Won’t you join our beautiful ‘Miracle Magnet Movement’?


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20 reviews for VIP Mindset Reset Online

  1. Maria Angelova (verified owner)

    Dearest siSTAR Elvira, I have just finished the course and I can’t wait to tell you how blessed I feel that I decided to take it. I felt as if we were writing it together, it matches so closely my BELIEVES AND MY way of thinking. I love how you present the concepts and lessons with the heart to heart stories. And with the exercises I have an interesting experience. I have taken a lot of courses, couching, and mentoring and still I found your exercises soul-steering from a new angle with simple and still deeply imprinting ideas that are easy to follow and embrace. I LOVE THIS COURSE !!! Thank you for sharing your truth, Elvira! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Janet Shore (verified owner)

    I was so blessed to meet Elvira and take her course and what a treat! Such a fabulous course, giving me the words and the tools to learn to vibrate at my authentic power and attract all
    that is possible. I also was able to visualize and put into words the people who I want in my inner circle.
    Elvira is truly heart-centred , she speaks and teaches from a totally authentic position and at a level that can appeal to everyone! In very basic words, she is REAL! No airs, no pretences, just the REAL DEAL!

    I was so inspired by Elvira that I signed up for her 1-1 coaching and it’s a decision that has changed my life for the better!

    If 1-1 coaching is outside your reach at this time, this VIP program is certainly the way to go! A great way to get started resetting your life for all that you desire!

    I’m ever so grateful that Elvira has come into my life!

  3. Cathy Berardicurti

    I had no idea of what to expect and was pleasantly captured once I started listening. I started thinking to myself yes, this is the real world type of “s*#t that happens and Elvira is throwing it all out there for me to hear.

    So I was intrigued but also very curious as to where it would lead and what I was going to gain. I will admit I had to fast forward through the exercises just so I could take in the entire program and then once I had the base of it all, I replayed each module and watched closely and followed all the requested actions to the exercises. It was interesting to see things on paper.
    This entire program is not something that is handed to you and Voila, you’re fixed….no, this is something that has come into your path for a reason and you need to complete this at a nice easy pace to see how it really lets your mind stop and think.

    My opinion was that it was well done and at any given time Elvira is there when I reach out.

    Thank you for this experience
    I hope any newcomers get a lasting experience as well

    Cathy Berardicurti

  4. Justin T (verified owner)

    Wonderful course! Truly offers transformational tools and a lovely, simple yet effective structure to work within…anyone could do this work! Love it!💗

  5. Jennifer Hawkins

    I’ve been using these tools and teachings for 2 years now and they are truly divine in their simplicity and usability. Easy approach to Loving Your Vibe and maintaining a healthy relationships and boundaries. I can’t recommend this enough! Thanks you Elvira! Many Blessings!

  6. Summer Cresswell (verified owner)

    I am beyond grateful that I have met Elvira, she is such an inspiration to others and touches so many lives. I’m so thrilled that I took the time to also complete her course, as I learned so much from her and I feel that she opened up so many doors and possibilities for me that I never knew were possible, and it’s all because of her. Most definitely one of the MOST kind-hearted souls I have ever met! Truly looking forward to accomplishing more things in life that I have learned from her. 💕

  7. Eleanor Hayward

    It is no exaggeration to say that The Love Your Vibe Transformation has changed my life forever ✨💖✨ I’m so grateful to Elvira for creating this chiq, unique personal development SOULution 🙏🙌 The teachings and tools are tried and true in facilitating mental and emotional wellness 🧠💗 I can now better get out of my own f’n way, and am embracing the practice of living my best life ☮️💟

  8. Nathalie Beaupré – First Forensic Healer in Canada (verified owner)

    Gratitude! What a fun course, I did not expect to complete it all in one evening but since I enjoyed Elvira’s energy and doing the self assessments, I just kept going. Module 5 I will listen to again, so many helpful tools are expressed there. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of having a gratitude journal, here is my first entry:

    I am grateful for my ability to help others in meaningful ways, even more than before!

  9. Deborah Keeble (verified owner)

    Elvira has a kind heart and a humble giving attitude. Her smile can light up the room and her warmth is genuine. I enjoyed her Mindset Reset Online Course and recommend it to my own friends and clients .

  10. Melissa Downard

    Thank you Elvira, I truly appreciate all the support you have given me on my journey. I loved your program and i continue growing and releasing every day . You have been there with love and support through some huge transitions in my life and just yesterday you were there to remind at the right time it was needed ! You have are brightly lit up with positivity and love .

  11. KN

    Elvira’s VIP Mindset Reset is astonishingly simple in concept, yet offers a unique offering for all who participate, enabling each to address shared and individual issues to create a mindset of clearer, positive thinking. This enables a high vibe approach to all aspects of life from relationships, work, and social interactions, enhancing each and allowing more success to flow naturally and authentically. I know Elvira’s approach changed my life for the better, and can certainly work for anyone willing to look inwards and bring out the best of themselves.

  12. Nicole H. (verified owner)

    I was blessed to have met Elvira at a time in my life when I was struggling. Sometimes I say quite by accident although she would say there are no accidents! I was automatically curious and attracted to her and what she had to say. Her program is simple but powerful and effective. It gave me the tools to learn, to understand what I was going through and why and how to become a more positive thinker. Once you have the tools to do the work necessary, you can do so at your own pace and perhaps go deeper in one-on-one work with her or group work with one of her Mentors. Elvira is a heart-centred inspiring teacher and ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’ is well worth the investment!

  13. Parnaz Ehsaan (verified owner)

    I feel fortunate to have met Elvira at a coaching panel where I heard her speak about her work. She has amazing energy and her story is incredibly inspiring. The Mindset Reset provided me with valuable teachings that Im going to keep with me forever. I highly recommend her course to anyone who is looking to focus on feeling good and live the life they truly deserve!

  14. Farrah Suleman

    I met Elvira over 6 years ago and her optimistic attitude and her radiant aura caught me by surprise. After completing her Mindset Reset Course, it makes so much sense now! She doesn’t just talk the talk but she walks the walk! The tools she gave me is something I’ve been already practicing but not enough and she helped me to see how important it is to do the work. She gave me additional tools I never thought of and she relays the information and instructions in a easy way for anyone to understand. I highly recommend her course and her coaching if you need that extra support. I truly feel in my heart, her authentic love to help will guide you to being that miracle magnet we’ve all forgotten we truly are!

  15. Elizabeth Smith

    The VIP Mindset Reset Online is such a simple concept and is so easy to understand and use in my everyday life to get out of my own f’n (fear ‘n ego) way to lead the life I deserve to live.

    Each module on it’s own, is a concept that anyone can master.
    Put all these tools together and it’s a system that empowers me from the inside out.

    I could not believe how simple this system is, yet the most effective of any system I have come across.
    I still have days that I’m not 100% happy, and I may question my self-worth, but now I have the tools to help me bounce back into my authentic power, by raising my vibrations, and crowding out the negative self-talk.

    It’s not about always being happy, but rather how I can bring myself back to a happy mindset quicker and not dwell on the negative parts of life.

    I may visit bad days, on occasion, but with the VIP Mindset system, I no longer have to live there.
    I have more resilience, more confidence, and I have goals, faith and a commitment to live my best life as the best version of me!

  16. Katsy Entifi

    The VIP Mindset Reset is a truly life changing program. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to shift, grow and overcome limiting beliefs. I came across Elvira at a time when I was ready to heal and transform and her program is powerful. I am blessed and grateful to have met her. If you are looking to change your life then this is your opportunity.

  17. Alexander David Chin

    Elvira is just about the most amazing being that I have met. I have known her for 9 days and since our first encounter life has been pure heaven on earth. Her honesty her love for everyone & everything is second to none. Her graciousness, kindness, beauty & understanding of how the world works is simply mind blowing. Can’t get enough but I appreciate her busyness so I must return her graciousness by not being too needy & co-dependent lol. Where we go from here Only God knows. She’s talented, very sweet, gorgeous and has the ability to become The ‘ Deepak Chopra’ of Canada!!!!! I trust Elvira with all my heart & soul and I have been seeking my enlightenment for 26 going on 27 years. Elvira thank you we have finally met. Fate, Destiny is for REAL!!!!! I now can be at peace & at Ease with The Universe now that we have found each other!!!!! Welcome to Eternity & We Welcome every single soul on the planet. Namaste

  18. Stéphanie-Josée Fabien (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you siStar Elvira through my life journey. The VIP Mindset Reset has been a reliable guidance to unlock true self potential. Learning how to align your vibrations to your authentic power is an amazing experience I recommend. Elvira, your presence and devotion into helping others elevate themselves is a blessing. Your bright positive énergie is contagious siStar.

  19. Bhupi Panesar (verified owner)

    I loved this course. I practice a lot of these but by adding them to the pillars, made a huge difference. It highlighted what I am actually missing and need to put back into place for my well being, in every way. Thank you Elvira, you are the best. With much Love & Gratitude Bhupi

  20. Michael Williams (verified owner)

    VIP Mindset Reset Online training has truly transformed my life. Let me share a bit about my experience and why I highly recommend it.
    Elvira’s expertise and passion for personal development shine through every aspect of this course. She brings both scientific knowledge and real-life wisdom, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply.
    The practical tools and exercises provided are the key. They helped me center my mindset, establish uplifting routines, and unburden myself from self-doubt.
    The insights I gained from this training were profound.
    The VIP Mindset Reset Online training is a life-changing opportunity. If you’re ready to ditch your crap magnetic and discover your miracle magnet, the training will unlock your full potential and transform your life. I wholeheartedly encourage you to take this journey.
    Thank you Elvira for helping me discover my limitless potential.

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