Learn how to get out of your own f'n (fear & ego) way...and create a life of miracles...a life that you love!

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What is This Course All About?

The most amazing thing about this Online Course, is that you have the ability to do it anywhere, any time and at your own pace! Want to listen to the course on your phone as you're driving home from work every night? We've got your audio! Prefer to relax with a tea and watch your lesson? Well, we've got your Video lesson! Enjoy reading? Perfect, you can read through the PDF version of the course! At the end you'll even have a chance to work One on One with Elvira and other Miracle Mindset Mentors!

Module #1 - Story

Are you living an inauthentic life based on “people pleasing” rather than following her true calling? This module will help you put yourself in the place of true authenticity.

Module #2 - Crap Magnet

Are you a crap magnet? Elvira uses the expression ”Crap Magnet” to explain the dull, “oh no, not me again”, vulnerable aura given off by those caught in the negative cycle of victimhood. Let'sidentify what has “gone wrong” in your life and fix it!

Module #3 - Vibe Scale

Elvira reveals how the low vibe feelings associated with being a crap magnet can act as a catalyst to uncovering how you really want to feel at the high vibe, positive end of the emotional scale, live in your Vibration of Authentic Power (V.A.P.) and become a Miracle Magnet.

Module #4 - Blueprint

In this section, you will learn the specifics of how to move up the vibrational scale to your V.A. P. (Vibration of Authentic Power) by creating your own High Vibe Blueprint.

Module #5 - Tools

Many of our adult insecurities and self doubt were established in childhood when our developing self was not given the love or type of love he/she needed.

Full Course Contents

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