Why Do I Care SO Much About You?

Why Do I Care SO Much About You

Why Do I Care SO Much About You?

OK *|FNAME|* …..I’m blessed to be writing today’s FF edition on a plane, flying out to Calgary… to attend my nephew’s wedding tomorrow in Banff…one of the most beautiful places on the planet ♡

And sitting here for hours, it hit me once again…how truly grateful I am that you choose to receive my emails…my ‘love letters’ to you each Friday… because I care deeply about your happiness and the reason you are here…your ‘Soul’s Purpose’ ☆

As a result, I also care very much that you stay connected to the ‘highest version’ of you on a daily basis…so you can attract ALL you need to be truly happy & connected to YOU ♡

OK…this may be a wee exaggeration, as who can possibly stay connected to the ‘highest version’ of themselves 100% on a daily basis… lol?

Yet…I know what the unique ‘Inner Work’ that I channeled did for me and my countless clients.

I believe that if you practice the teachings & tools that I share with you in my 3 hour user friendly signature course: 

‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online’, 

I guarantee you will learn how to never go back to unconsciously attracting the ‘crap’ you DON’T want…and consistently attract the ‘miracles’ you DO want, instead ☆

If you are a kind & heart-centred human who has experienced some dark times at various points in your life…and you can easily go to ‘numb out’ habits & addictions to cope…simply get through your day…amaright?

What would it be like for you to have better ‘go to’ behaviors & mindsets that help you stay in your ‘highest self’ state more often than not? 

I know that if you live in this ‘Miracle Magnet’ state 90% of your life…and 10% in ‘Crap Magnet’ state…your life is pretty damn GREAT ☆


Why Do I Care SO Much About You

Personally, I’ve been ‘loving my vibe’ ie: living & breathing this miraculous ‘Miracle Mindset’, for about 12 years now…that I get to live as my ‘highest self’ 98% of the time…believe it or not!

Honestly, when I leave my ‘highest self’ state, it feels SO crappy, that I can process & shift SO quickly, that most people didn’t even realize I left my ‘highest self’ state ☆

Truthfully, it is my life mission to help millions of heart-centred humans, to ‘love their vibe’ so they can ‘heal to reveal’ and live primarily as their ‘highest self’  ♡

This state not only benefits you but everyone around you too!

It has saved countless relationships, including my own marriage. 

My growing beloved team of Miracle Mindset Mentors & I feel that a world filled with us heart-centred humans who know how to ‘love their vibe’ will look like ‘heaven on earth’ ♡

You, your happiness and your connection to your ‘highest self’ connected to YOUR ‘Soul’s Purpose’ means EVERYTHING to us!

The world benefits deeply when you choose to become TRULY YOU…and you will NOT ‘die with your REAL MUSIC’ still in you ☆

Are you curious to experience this beautiful phenomenon for yourself dear *|FNAME|* ?

If so, click HERE to purchase it (note the many 5 star reviews at checkout) or simply ‘Hit Reply’ for a chat with me directly, if you have any questions you need answered!

At Your Service, 


P.S. FUN FACT: I will do a draw for a powerful ‘1:1 Integration Coaching Session’ with me (Valued at $497) for everyone who purchases their ‘VIP Mindset Reset Online’ before midnight August 31st (my birthday month) ☆


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