Elvira had an award winning 20-year, 6-figure Big Pharma career. She had also devoted 7 years to cancer research at a world renowned institute. Both were lucrative. Yet she felt like an imposter every single day of those 27 years, and her life was in shambles.

At her rock bottom surrender moment, ready to end her life, she was divinely gifted a quick and natural ‘way’ to escape from her darkness…a miraculous breakthrough that allowed her to achieve her most cherished dreams! This ‘way’ has helped countless others, and is now a world movement ☆

Get to know more about Elvira’s programs & services to see how you too can experience a ‘Miracle Mindset’ to become an aligned, authentic & fully self-expressed Miracle Magnet… enabling you to co-create your OWN Heaven-On-Earth…so you can live YOUR every dream and leave your world a much better place!