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What is This Course All About?

The most amazing thing about this Online Course, is that you have the ability to do it anywhere, any time and at your own pace! Want to listen to the course on your phone as you’re driving home from work every night? We’ve got your audio! Prefer to relax with a tea and watch your lesson? Well, we’ve got your Video lesson! Enjoy reading? Perfect, you can read through the PDF version of the course! At the end you’ll even have a chance to work One on One with Elvira and other Miracle Mindset Mentors!


1 review for VIP Mindset Reset Online

  1. Maria Angelova (verified owner)

    Dearest siSTAR Elvira, I have just finished the course and I can’t wait to tell you how blessed I feel that I decided to take it. I felt as if we were writing it together, it matches so closely my BELIEVES AND MY way of thinking. I love how you present the concepts and lessons with the heart to heart stories. And with the exercises I have an interesting experience. I have taken a lot of courses, couching, and mentoring and still I found your exercises soul-steering from a new angle with simple and still deeply imprinting ideas that are easy to follow and embrace. I LOVE THIS COURSE !!! Thank you for sharing your truth, Elvira! ❤️❤️❤️

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