Healing Shadow


Healing Shadow

OK …so today’s message is an invitation to go even deeper into your ‘Inner Work’ for better results in your life & biz! 

It’s easy to judge another harshly for having the same traits you try & hide from the world, aka: your ‘Shadow Self’. 

When you learn to offer love to that part of you that you tried to deny was there, yet always gets triggered when you witness those same traits in others, you can lighten up on judging yourself.

You become less triggerable too. Neutrality is the beautiful new cloak you can wear.

I learned this powerful lesson in the past week, and I'm feeling much freedom from having released a layer of 'Shadow Shame'.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed several miracles of my heart’s desires easily finding their way to me (ie: more sales, more joy & beautiful transformational conversations) ☆

Doesn’t that feel SO free to you?

Have you gone deep to bring your ‘Shadow Self’ to the light of day, where it can no longer sabotage you?

If you are curious about how I might serve you in this area that I feel very passionate about and equipped to support in thanks to my own personal transformation, please hit Reply ☆

At Your Service, 


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