I pray that today’s message helps you feel a little less alone if you are experiencing crazy things in your life too.

I’ve personally undergone one of my most challenging circumstances in my life & biz in the past week.

One of ROCKSTAR clients who hired me over a month ago, SO ready to ‘do the work’…to transform…to make the rest of her life, the best of her life… stepped back into an old fear story around what the program was costing her…even though she was experiencing massive transformation ☆

She decided she wanted all her money back, as she paid outright for her full 6 months.

I was hurt, alarmed & angry and at first did not ‘hold safe space’ for her self sabotage. 

You see, I had never experienced such a disappointment in my coaching practice. I admit I did not handle it well as I felt bullied by this previous angel of a client.

My sense is that she panicked or was questioned or bullied by one of her adult children on WHY she would invest as much as she did in her personal growth. Just my hunch.

In any event…I am refunding her investment, with sadness & regret that this wonderful woman will not go deeper & truly create a life she SO deserves. 

Her ego/shadow came out, which activated my ego/shadow self, and it was not pretty. 

Although I pulled back quickly, 

I would do things very differently today. I would notice my somatic activation, and ask for some time to process my anger, fear & sadness.

Now she has every reason to make me the villain in her story, which to me is a great excuse for not going deeper with her Inner Work. 

But hopefully she will work with someone else who will be a more ideal for her. I can only hope. I really do care for her and want to see her THRIVE ☆

I share this story, as I deeply believe that when we share, shame (which I felt) it cannot run the show.

I do see her as one of my biggest ‘Angels of Evolution’ (a concept from my Signature Course & 6 Month Mentoring Program) ☆ 

By turning on me, projecting & shaming me…making me bad & wrong, I get to go deeper in my Inner Work to find reasons why I am the actual opposite of what she believes. 

I’m blessed to say that I do feel expanded & uplevelled ♡

I know deeply that your Creator brought you to serve the world in a way that only YOU can!

I firmly believe that especially when we experience ‘the dark’… perhaps we are meant to, so we get to escape to ‘the light’… and we can then help others to do so too ☆

I’m curious how my humble story might be serving YOU right now, beautiful soul?

What in your life might be happening FOR you & NOT TO YOU? What is YOUR Story?

As always, you can Hit Reply and your response comes directly to ME ♡

At Your Service, 


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