Trauma Speaks Very Loudly 

Trauma Speaks Very Loudly

Trauma Speaks Very Loudly 

OK *|FNAME|*… if you are a business owner, I invite you to consider this.

I believe that as a biz pro…you are looking to connect with your divine/ideal clients NOT your PITA (Pain In The A$$) clients…lol…amaright?!

Seriously…I feel it is imperative that you are consistently doing your InnerWork of healing & growth.

Why? Because when you are not, your trauma which we ALL have …as no one escapes childhood without it…and now there is SO much of it, especially after our global upheaval of recent years… can inadvertently (as we CAN be VERY much in denial about it) speak SO loudly, that your clients cannot even HEAR what you are saying.

Recently I met a beautiful & uber intelligent new biz owner who has a very polished & shiny veneer. 

Yet her ego wall (a normal & protective trauma response) is up SO high, that I could not connect to her heart & soul. 

She admitted she is not doing her Inner Work. I am concerned & I wonder if her business will make it.

It makes me very sad that some people who are passionate about serving others through their wonderful products & services don’t understand this. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

I highly recommend that YOU as a biz owner become a part of the Miracle Magnet Movement where you can consciously choose to ‘Love Your Vibe’ every DAY in whatever WAY you choose!

I want you to be served by YOUR unique Miracle Mix (whatever keeps YOU in YOUR Miracle Magnet Zone) so you can consistently heal & grow to connect more deeply with yourself ♡

This, in turn, allows you to connect more deeply with others and so you can be the Miracle Magnet in your life & biz that you were born to be!

Finally, I believe that when you are consistently ‘loving your vibe’, you can give off such beautiful high vibes, which are very palpable ☆ 

They can allow you to easily ‘Attract/Pull/Magnetize’ business TO you, in a more divine feminine/receiving way…rather than getting stuck primarily in the ‘Hustle/Push’ more masculine way. 

Ideally, a balance of both energies is vital for you to enjoy a great business & life ☆

So…was this message meant for YOU or for a business owner who is struggling and whom you truly care about? 

If it’s for them, can you please forward this message that might transform their life & biz?

I have an amazing & growing team of mentors who are ready to serve globally with the science-backed beautiful modality that saved my life and virtually every graduate wishes to facilitate too ☆

Helping heart-centred humans do their Inner Work of healing & growing into the GREATNESS they were born for is THEIR JAM!

To learn more for you or them, just Hit Reply as we have new sessions starting next week, so you will be squeaking in at the 11th hour if you are feeling THIS is the time ♡

At Your Service,



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