Would you say that you were ‘cheered on’ as a child?

I personally was NOT cheered on, seen or encouraged to develop my innate gifts as a child. 

I was actually considered a nuisance. I was ‘Too Much’ most of the time. I was a performance artist not supported to perform.

You see, my parents were too busy surviving as new immigrants to a new country… and always questioned their decision to immigrate from Italy to Canada.

My father (a closet performance artist) could sing like Pavarotti, but he too was NOT encouraged as a child to be the worldclass tenor he was.

My beloved auntie (his sister) was told to hang up her opera gown (as she used to perform on world-class opera stages) & put on an apron when she got married.

Old, disempowered mindsets of the time affected them deeply.

When I stated bravely at 11 years old that I wanted to be on stages singing & dancing when I grew up, my daddy told me I couldn’t, as women on stage were SLUTS.

His reaction forced me to choose not one but TWO solid healthcare careers instead so that he could be proud of his ‘Good Girl’.

People-pleasing, imposter-hood & living for ‘Outer Validation’ began at 11.

I experienced the pain of living out of alignment for over 30 years manifested as: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bi-polar, adult bullying and a struggling marriage, that nearly killed me.

Sadly, my daddy was also bullied, & died with his REAL MUSIC still in him…with cancers, mental health struggles & a marriage in shambles. His sister had similar struggles.

I believe that these struggles are a price too dear to pay for living out of alignment with our TRUE NATURE. 

I experienced ‘The Gift Of Contrast’. They showed me who NOT to be.

After a ‘Blessed Breakdown’ and ‘Spiritual Breakthrough’ I was shown a WAY OUT of my darkness.

I was told to share it with the world ☆

Today I lead an incredible growing team of HUGE hearted leaders sharing it with heart-centred humans globally ♡

My personal results of me learning to live this WAY was leaving my mental hell behind (over 13 years & counting…SUCH a miracle) having my marriage go from “Hell On Wheels’ to ‘Heaven On Earth’, and the funnest fact was breaking free of ‘Generational Trauma’ & becoming a now award-winning jazz artist performing & recording on world-class stages at the ripe sweet age of 51 ☆

I’m solid proof that it’s NEVER too late and you are NEVER too old.

I believe that if it’s IN YOU it’s IN YOU for a reason. The world needs it and we are happier & healthier when we are Aligned & Authentic & Fully Self Expressed!

We don’t have to be ONE thing… we CAN be ALL things… with a ‘Miracle Mindset’… with or without parents who cheered us on!

Were YOU cheered on as a child?

Why not learn to ‘Love Your Vibe’ & ‘Cheer Yourself On’ so you get to be ALL you born for… supported by an incredible global community?

I invite you to ‘Hit Reply’ if you are open to being served by this powerful modality so you can become a Miracle Magnet forever & possibly even help others too… for an excellent extra stream of income, impact & influence ☆

To Your Greatness, 


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