Podcast 4 U

Podcast 4 U

Podcast 4 U

OK …Today, I hope to inspire you with a project I’m very proud to have co-created with my beautiful & brilliant partners Eleanor Hayward & Stephan Danko ☆☆☆

The Love Your Vibe Podcast was launched on Valentine’s Day last year ♡
We are thrilled that it has received many downloads all over the world!
Do you struggle in  ‘The Low Vibe/Crap Magnet Zones” at times?

Might our insights serve & support you to transmute your pain into Purpose?

Episode 1: Mental Wellness Through Personal Development

Welcome to The Love Your Vibe Podcast. It’s A Revolution of Evolution! 

In this episode, we speak to the importance of doing our Inner Work, and our Personal Development. 

We truly believe that so many issues on the planet would not exist if people did their Inner Work, of letting go of what they’re NOT and embracing who they truly ARE. So please, enjoy!  

Episode 2: Become Unbulliable

Bullying isn’t just about kids in schools, bullying can happen anywhere. 

As adults, we can bully and we can be bullied. Mean Girls and Mean Boys of all ages use similar tactics, sometimes with tragic consequences. So we’d like to share our take on this phenomenon, and hopefully share some insights that can support you as well. By practicing our Inner Work, we can learn to Love Our Vibe, & tear the kick-me-sign off our backs to develop Bully Teflon!

Episode 3: Judgment vs. Discernment

In this episode, Elvira and Eleanor speak about Judgment versus Discernment. We hope you enjoy our discussion!

Episode 4: Healthy Boundaries

In this episode, Eleanor and I are going to be speaking about Healthy Boundaries. I’ll be sharing a Story and a simple tool that is very effective in helping us to take back our power. We hope that you enjoy the teachings and gain value for your own life too.

Episode 5: Religion vs. Spirituality

In this episode, Elvira & Eleanor speak about Religion versus Spirituality. And in this conversation, we ask you to consider what feels more in alignment for you?


Episode 6: Ego vs. Higher Self

In this episode, Elvira and Eleanor speak Ego versus Soul, and pointing fingers versus taking Radical Responsibility. We hope you enjoy our discussion!

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