OK…you are probably saying to yourself “What kind of a dumb email headline is THAT?! Lol!

And you would be totally RIGHT!

However…I’m letting you know that a bunch of wonderful heart-centred women over 40, ready to LEAP into their NEW LIFE, are doing so at a VERY REASONABLE COST (better than CHEAP…but hey…it rhymes with LEAP…lol) 

as it’s a Beta Launch ☆

All kidding aside…Lisa Kelly & I cannot believe how privileged we are that we get to co-serve, as being & co-creating with each other is one of THE most effortless things we have EVER done ♡


Does this happen to you often?

THIS is what you call ALIGNMENT. 

Where there is ALIGNMENT 

there is MAGIC ☆☆

We have noted that when you are living aligned in your Purpose/ Mission/WHY in a fierce yet humble way…miracles BIG & small find YOU!

We wish to help our beautiful & powerful participants to embody this truth too…served by the wonderful program that Lisa & I curated with SO much love, joy & PASSION in our hearts ♡

Just click here: ‘Leap Into Your New Life’

If you have any questions, please reach out by hitting Reply and I will BE THERE to answer ☆

We can even hop on a quick call to determine if this 3 month Beta program is the RIGHT one for you, if you know that you are here for MORE too!

At Your Service, 


PS. Fun Fact: The total cost of our Beta Bonuses is worth MORE than the cost of our beautiful program…as we wish to honour our very first & fierce group in a BIG WAY ☆

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