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Accept ‘What Is’

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Ok…can you imagine what our lives would look like if we could flow with ALL that came our way? What would

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How 2 B Happy

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Ok…very sheepishly I admit that for too many years…and too many tears…I looked to everyone and everything to make me happy.

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You are Responsible

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Ok if you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I just posted this. It got a bit of

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The Greatest Thing ♡

Happy FAB FRIDAY, The message today is very basic & very beautiful ♡ Know that you were brought here to ‘Return To Love’ (one of

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You are Not Superior

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Here’s another gentle reminder to not worry (as to slow you down) about those who are not on the same mission

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Deep Connection

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty, An amazing thing I’ve noticed as I travel this conscious path I’m on is my lack of interest in connecting ‘on

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Action Removes Fear

Happy FAB FRIDAY Elvira! Do you believe that even the smallest action you take can remove fear? You know that dread you sometimes feel when

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Who Were You?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Elvira …who WERE you before they told you who you SHOULD be? I was an entertainer…told I should be medical professional.

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How to Make Fear Fade

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Ok Elvira so today I choose to honour a fierce & beloved coach/mentor…the one and only Kendra Thornbury, as I’m in

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