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Disconnect to Reconnect

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Well…I took a week ‘off the grid’ last week, to celebrate mine & hubby’s 28th year anniversary! We vowed to disconnect from email,

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Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! OK Elvira…I’m cheating this week…as I normally channel a message to serve you each Thursday night. This week I’m taking a little time

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Doing the Work

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! I trust you know the expression “falling off the wagon”…right? This term is no more relevant than when it comes to

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Stay in Positive Action

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Have you noticed that once you start the things you were once most scared to do…the fear has simply vanished? That’s

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Who Gets Your Loyalty?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! I’ve been experiencing a contrast in my personal life as of late…and I’m actually grateful for it more than sad, as

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Gratitude vs. Anxiety

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! Spirit asked me to remind you today that the simple act of being grateful…TRULY grateful for all the good AND especially

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Plug into Your Source!

Happy FAB FRIDAY beautiful! Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot more atheists and agnostics today…more than ever before? Personally, if I did

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Own Your Truth

Happy FAB FRIDAY beautiful Elvira ! We heart-centred beautiful souls can become victims of low vibrations (Crap Magnets) if we are living out of alignment

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Angel of Evolution

Happy FAB FRIDAY beautiful! Ok, tell me the truth…being a kind & heart-centered soul…when someone really pushes your buttons consistently…and you sense they relish your

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