☆ Dare Greatly ☆

☆ Dare Greatly ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...today's message is in homage to one of my favorite researchers and one of her most powerful life messages...to serve YOU!

Launched by her famous Ted Talk, Dr. Brene Brown has become a go-to expert on courage, vulnerability, shame & empathy...as she has extensively studied these emotional states in the last 20 years.

I adore her beautiful no nonsense style and moving transformational messages that I believe the whole world needs to hear...lest we stay asleep.

This stirring Teddy Roosevelt quote is highlighted in her recent Netflix Special: 'Brené Brown: The Call to Courage'.

I love both the quote and her talk SO very much. She speaks of not having the right to criticize anyone who is in the arena getting sweaty, bloodied and dirty...all while daring greatly.

I believe it all boils down to vulnerably expressing your true essence. I encourage you to boldly express your truth...without fear of judgment from those who do not have the courage to do and be what/who you are doing and being.

If it's IN YOU...it's in you for a reason. Get out of your own way...feel the fear...do it anyway...judgers be damned!

You will feel SO GOOD ☆

Message me back if you wish to share what YOU plan to do...despite any 'judgers'!

At Your Service,


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  1. Great reminder! Great encouragement!
    I would say “I am doing my best”, not only “planning”, to boost myself 🙂 I am doing my best to do it all, be an actress, an inspire, writer, consultant, and to act, play, write, consult, be in service, use my talents to the fullest

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