☆ Be a Rebel ☆

☆ Be a Rebel ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...today I was asked to share this powerful message that speaks to how our world is generally set up to gain from your dislike of yourself.

Do you ever think about how much big business thrives on you feeling that you are not enough? That you don't measure up?

Are you aware that the media is paid to bombard you with messages that you NEED their product or service in order to be ENOUGH?

What do you think our world would look like if everyone believed that they actually WERE enough?

Yikes! A LOT of business would suffer.

Marketing departments globally do a lot of research to uncover our pain points...and because we generally do not like who we are due to old patterns & conditioning...they play to these deeply embedded yet mainly false beliefs.

I do believe that if each of us 'did our work'...we could shift our collective consciousness to feel that we ARE indeed ENOUGH and truly LIKE...dare I say even LOVE ourselves...our world could be 'heaven-on-earth'.

As John Lennon wrote about in his song 'Imagine'..."You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one...I hope one day you will join us...and the world will live as one" ♡

Are you rebellious enough to LIKE...yes even LOVE yourself? What self limiting beliefs can you let go of in order to truly shift to this empowered/miracle mindset?

Feel free to hit REPLY if you wish to be witnessed as you state your beautiful & rebellious declaration ♡

If I can support your journey...I'm right here!

At Your Service,


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