☆ Know Your Worth ☆

☆ Know Your Worth ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY Beauty!

Just imagine what your life would be like if you did not feel triggered by anyone's judgment of you, good or bad.

What would it be like to never need to feel you had to live up to anyone's expectations as to how you SHOULD behave...as you were SO attached to their opinion.

Just imagine the sweet freedom of owning your life free from judgments and expectations...knowing your worth, full out!

How different would you be if you never needed validation ever again...if you could truly OWN your worthiness?

What would your life be like if you kept your power firmly in your centre and never allowed it to leak out?

It's a lofty ideal...but I believe it's worth pursuing...as not being dependent on anyone's opinion of you is true freedom...don't you think?

I wish for you a life filled with activity you adore surrounded by those who adore you more...not interested in controlling you to serve their agenda...where you can be fully free to say and mean "I'm truly ME"!

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