☆ Treat Yourself Right ☆

☆ Treat Yourself Right ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!


So today's message is bringing into focus THE most important (at least in my humble opinion) Universal Law...the Law of Attraction ☆

I'm being asked to get you super clear on the importance of ESC (Extreme Self Care) that leads to Extreme Self Love. 'Extreme' simply denotes being intentional...not simply doing something over the top ♡

Living in these beautiful & empowered states does allow us to attract better people, circumstances and things to us...because Law of Attraction truly is a LAW.

Can you think of periods within your life or within the life of someone else you care about...when things just went from bad to worse?

One setback led to another...and another...and another. Yikes! Can you see that you/they were in essence being a 'Crap Magnet' at that juncture?

You see, I believe that your personal vibration attracted to you more of what you were experiencing...which was crap. Plain & simple.

Juxtapose it to a time where you or someone else you care about had everything going right...all cylinders were firing off in the right sequence... and the wins just kept flowing in...
one after another ☆

Again, your wins attracted more wins...and your personal vibration created the space for wins. You/they were a 'Miracle Magnet' & you could do no wrong ♡

If you too resonate deeply with this powerful law...does it make sense to do ALL that you can to keep your vibration high SO you can attract the life of YOUR dreams to you?

Because you CAN be a 'Crap Magnet'
or you CAN be a 'Miracle Magnet'...
and only YOU get to choose.

Will you please share this message out with anyone you believe needs to know more about this powerful law...and have them sign up for back issues of INBOXpirations (FAB FRIDAY) at www.elvirahopper.com/inbox?

At Your Service,


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