☆ Trust the Universe ☆

☆ Trust the Universe ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...the message I was inspired to share today asks you to consider trusting the Universe with a bold belief that it has your back.

Do you believe that it does?

Can you recall at least one time in your life that you were not ready to change... then life got very uncomfortable...and you were forced to make a change... which you are MUCH better off for?

The one that stands out for me includes me leaving behind an award-winning pharmaceutical ROCKSTAR (yet inauthentic) life, to live my truth as a Coach, Artistic Healer & Inspirational Speaker.

My last 2 years of this 20 year 'golden' career included me living in a virtually constant state of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, addictions and suicidal ideation, at my very rock bottom... sparked by adult bullying in 2 areas of my life.

It was very harsh at first as I was making 6 figures by the time I left...and my hubby was rightfully concerned when I declared that I was never going back to that job ever again when I realized I was happy again a month into a 4 month unpaid leave of absence I was inspired to ask for. Magically, I transformed from a Crap Magnet into a Miracle Magnet.

When my company restructured globally one month into my leave, and gave me a most generous package I realized that my 2 year 'darkness' was the Universe's way of making me SO uncomfortable that I could never go back...I just had to move ahead. The ships were burned behind me.Are you going through a struggle right now?

Are things not going 'your way'? Is it possible that the Universe has a better plan for you in the works?

I would love you to hit reply & message me back if you wish to share!


At Your Service,



P.S. I wish to congratulate the Toronto Raptors on their historic championship win last night ☆ My hubby and I just spent the last week in beautiful Punta Cana and watched the game at our resort's Sports Bar. Everyone congratulated us as we were the only Canadians there. The tears of relief and joy flowed out of me. We hugged each other and complete strangers. This morning my hubby proudly wore his Raptors tee shirt and virtually all the staff acknowledged him. I could feel him walking just a little taller. It's quite humbling and beautiful how sports connects us a humanity. May we carry this win in our hearts forever ☆

"The Universe dreamed a much bigger dream than I could have ever dreamed for myself" ~ Oprah Winfrey

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