Today I’m super passionate to remind you of who you TRULY are ☆

Why? Because I believe deeply that we are ALL divine beings created by a Divine Source. 

And yet we live our whole lives in our very human ‘meat suits’.

I invite you to consider that living primarily in a state of ‘POWER WITH’ others is a beautiful & SOVEREIGN way to live ♡

I’m personally feeling SO blessed & SO free from the stress of feeling ‘Power Under’ (victim mindset) yet acting in ‘Power Over’ (bully energy) always wanting for something ‘Out There’ to make me feel better.

Now…I actually love me ♡

I am thrilled to be able to live in a ‘Power With’ state of acceptance in however others wish to show up. 

Whether they validate or approve of me matters very little.

I forgive myself for spending so many years in the drama of ‘Power Under’ & needing to feel a ‘Power Over’ & looking for outer validation to feel control of my life.

I believe that we can easily overcompensate in these inauthentic states when we feel out of alignment.

When we know better… we do better.

Can you personally relate to the two lower vibration (Power Over & Power Under) states of being at all?

Can you recall moments of peace & empowerment when you experienced ‘Power With’ states instead?

If you’re not primarily living from an empowered state of being… and you are curious about how working with me or one of my brilliant & beautiful Miracle  Mindset Mentors might help YOU to live in a ‘Power With’/’Miracle Magnet’ state, just Hit Reply and let’s chat ♡

At Your Service,


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