Do What You Love


Do What You Love's message is a challenge to look at your life.

I invite you to look at what you do to create income.

Do those things LIGHT YOU UP?

I'm very blessed to have lived 2 other lives before this one. Both gave me some wonderful knowledge, skills & tools that I get to use as an entrepreneur today ☆

Being a Medical Laboratory Technologist who worked in cancer research at worldclass hospitals for 7 years and then shifting into promoting & selling hospital equipment, then pharmaceuticals and finally vaccines... in top global companies for 20 years...showed me who I WASN'T. I was living a 'shiny life' yet not a 'REAL life'...that lit me up from the inside ☆

It was actually a beautiful
'Gift of Contrast' however...
as I got clarity on who I WASN'T...
so I could create a life around
who I WAS ♡

After 27 years, I left to open up my own business to help others get aligned & authentic & FULLY self expressed too... so they could live THEIR dreams (not their parent's or society' I did) and help them serve the world in a way that only THEY could.

To me, this is NOT WORK at all ☆

My beautiful clients have been transforming from who they THOUGHT they were supposed to be...into who they truly ARE...and their lives TAKE OFF in the most magical & miraculous ways.

I want this for YOU?

Hit REPLY and let me know how you resonate with my message today...
will you?

At Your Service,

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  1. great stuff. I got here randomly. I get your appreciation for others and their lives Elvira. see you on Sat.

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