Your Motivators

Your Motivators

So the message that came through today is to consider destructive criticism as 'Rocket Fuel'!

Kind heart-centred beautiful souls like us do easily struggle with 'The disease to please' ~ Oprah Winfrey.

We can easily give our power away for approval. If we become dependent on needing that outside approval in order to approve of can become a slippery slope.

Why? Because we believe that others know better than we do. We can easily fall into the trap of feeling devalued by those who doubt us...they do not see us. With them around us, we do not feel safe.

Quite frequently these people can even be our family or friends. Yikes!

Here's what I invite you to consider.

Is what they think or say of you the TRUTH?

Is it possible that those who doubt you and just don't want to see you succeed might actually inspire you to levels of greatness by simply NOT seeing you...and you are forced to uplevel your belief in yourself?

I've experienced instances of doubters and haters trying to bring me down and control in my life throughout my 57 years.

Little did they realize that they have pushed me to fully OWN my 'next level'.

Today, doubters and haters may irk me...but I'm SO used to feeling good that anything stopping me from feeling good gets shifted on it's head and goodness eventually comes out!

Sending anyone giving away their power to others SO MUCH you can actually be motivated by those who do NOT believe in you.

I believe in you!

At Your Service,


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