Your Dream

Your Dream

Your Dream

OK….I invite you to answer a powerful question ☆

What is your BIG DREAM?

Have you been so busy doing what you were ‘supposed to do’ that you have not actually acted on what you were MEANT to do?

I do not believe we are gifted with passions & even mild talent, if we were not able to become the people who can ACHIEVE them.

Or worse, have you forgotten what it even IS?

If you find yourself in midlife and realize you never even WENT for that BIG DREAM, I wish to connect with you. 

It has been shown that you are 500x more likely to reach your goal/dream when you have a coach guiding you.
Pretty incredible, yes?

Yet most people tend to have a backward belief about this.

Most will consult with their bank account to seek permission to hire the support they know they need.

This way of thinking is like expecting a fire without putting wood down first…lol!

You could take the slow road, feeling alone with your dream…and you might die with your REAL MUSIC still in you. To me, that is the real tragedy.

Yet, if you are ready for the support, I would love to chat with you if you qualify*.

In this beautiful Sacred Dream Session, I will help you get clarity on your dream, what’s stopping you, and what’s costing you by NOT going for it.

I will make a recommendation on how you can achieve it. It might involve one of my services or not. 

Here’s a pic of me performing with Juno award-winning bass player Ross MacIntyre at the world-renowned Jazz Bistro in Toronto, where I even recorded my first jazz album!

I had been a crappy karaoke singer throughout the ’80s & ’90’s…where people asked me to shut up sometimes…lol!
I decided to take some lessons in my 30s.

When I saw Ross MacIntyre & Shannon Butcher perform at my music school one day, I swore one day I too would perform professionally with Ross as my bassist.

I achieved my sacred dream at 51. I’m the poster child for ‘It’s Never Too Late’!

At 60, having only been a pro jazz artist for 9 years, I’ve manifested musical miracles that some who perform their whole lives haven’t been able to.

WHY? Because I now embody a ‘Miracle Mindset ♡

I SO want that for YOU…so you get to achieve YOUR DREAM TOO ☆

Again, please remember that people who invest their time and energy with a coach are 500x more likely to realize their dreams.

You need not struggle on your own, as I’m here for you! 

*I invite you to Hit Reply to see if you are eligible for a FREE 1-hour, 1:1 ‘Sacred Dream Session’ (Value $297) with me ☆

At Your Service,

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