Your Art Matters

Your Art Matters

Your Art Matters

OK …today’s message is for you even if you identify yourself only SLIGHTLY an ARTIST ☆

With a great sense of passion, I feel that your artistic dreams truly DO matter… they truly DO ☆ 

They actually saved my sanity, life, & marriage. By achieving my childhood performance artist dream 40 years later at 51 years old, virtually my entire life changed for the better.

Getting aligned, authentic, and FULLY self-expressed was the Magic Formula that my life needed…that helped me transform from a Crap Magnet into a Miracle Magnet ☆ 

I want this for the WORLD…as I believe we could achieve ‘Heaven On Earth’ if enough of us did our ‘Inner Work’ ♡

And it’s not about becoming world-famous at anything. 

It’s about knowing you used ALL the talents you were given to become ALL you were destined to be.

WHO you BECOME as you learn to FULLY Self-express, is even MORE important than how far you go.

The Inner Work is about learning to get out of your own way, so the world actually CAN actually experience YOUR UNIQUE MAGIC as an artist

Your art truly COUNTS. 

We need it! 

What do YOU create?

I also believe that the secret to joy and success as artists is to paradoxically NOT be dependent on ‘Outer Validation’.

By doing our ‘Inner Work’ we learn to validate ourselves FIRST, which actually invites the world to follow suit!

Here’s a podcast episode hot off the press in which I am featured to speak on my experience with ‘Shame’.

I was shamefully not allowed to desire my artistic desires as a child. It comes as no surprise as my father wasn’t allowed to desire his either. 

When we were naturally compelled to perform, there was nearly always ‘Shame’ involved.

I have noticed that ‘Shame’ can negatively affect our bodies, minds, and souls when we live out of alignment, inauthentically, and not FULLY self-expressed. 

This is too DEAR a COST, wouldn’t you agree?

Too many artists struggle in low vibrations of not OWNING their artistry from an empowered place and in turn, can attract negative experiences to themselves… eventually becoming Crap Magnets.

I believe that heart-centered artists CAN easily learn and practice ‘loving their vibe‘ so they can be Miracle Magnets instead!

Please Hit Reply & share what part inspired you most in today’s message or in this ‘Obsessed” podcast interview ☆

At Your Service,


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