☆ You Are What You Love ☆

☆ You Are What You Love ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

First off, HAPPY 2020!! Here's wishing you an AMAZING year ahead filled with things that you LOVE!

OK...so several years ago I had the ultimate honour and joy to meet then later perform for Oprah Winfrey's man himself, Mr. Stedman Graham, at his signature lecture called 'Identity'.

I can think of no better human to speak on the importance of knowing who you TRULY are and OWNING your Purpose, than a man who has such a strong force of nature right next to him.

He was very impressive to say the least. It was clear that he made sure not lose himself in her shadow. He is a man SO clear and confident in his truth, really OWNING his identity...that I could not imagine him ever getting lost in the shuffle of being 'Oprah's partner'.

What inspired me the most was when he stated: "You are not who the world tells you that you are...you are what you LOVE" ♡

He even invited 6 folks up on stage to say as many things they loved in 30 seconds and here is footage of me doing just that and actually responding to his request to 'sing a few bars for me?' I nearly dropped dead. But I managed to squeak out a little 'Summertime'...and even promote my upcoming show that weekend..lol!

When I got off the stage he praised me kindly and was sorry he couldn't make my show. Holy WOW...I still cannot believe that happened, but it's right here folks, I'm not kidding about living and breathing a Miracle Mindset daily...as miracles can had DO happen DAILY for me ☆



So why am I sharing this as my first FAB FRIDAY of the new decade love?

Well...because I believe that if you dig deep, to get very present to ALL that you LOVE, ALL that you VALUE and STOP living by your family's and society's values (if they are out of alignment with you now...perhaps never even were to begin with)...then you will be much happier, healthier and you can actually become a Miracle Magnet, living at a high vibration of LOVE and attract wonderful people, opportunities and things to you.

I invite you to grab a blank sheet of paper, turn to a fresh page in a journal or write digitally, as many things that you abSOULutely LOVE...and feel how it feels in your body to read that list.

Getting real about what you love and your values can help you to determine your BIGGER Purpose...as your passions (what you truly LOVE) are clues that can lead you to WHY you were brought here in this lifetime.

Again...wishing you a year filled to the brim with ALL that you LOVE!!

At Your Service,


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  1. I think when one decides that its time shine there life will become a shining beacon for the world to see and enjoy.

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