You are NOT your EGO

You are NOT your EGO

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! today's post was inspired by a recent question I posed on Facebook this past Wednesday night. "What do struggle with the most"?

The answer I got from several tribe members was learning to distinguish the difference between the voice of their ego & the voice of their higher self.

It's a great question AND a great practice.

The key word being PRACTICE.

We ALL have inner guidance/intuition. Learning to hear the subtle whisper (inner knowing) can be gentle & almost imperceptible when you first become present to it.

However, with intention & attention paid...this inner voice/knowing/feeling gets stronger...and leads to good outcomes when acted upon.

When we choose to ignore this higher/divine self and behave from our lower (ego) self instead...the outcomes tend to be negative for ourselves & others.

Those who are very present, aware and choose to build this muscle stronger through daily meditation especially can pleasantly surprise themselves as they learn to distinguish the difference between their dark and light side.

Although both are necessary...because we cannot always be sunshine & rainbows...we can make it a habit to make important choices from a higher self...and everyone benefits!

Coaching is another great tool to help you hone your skill of inner knowing too ♡

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