You Are Love

You Are Love cliché as this phrase may seem, I was asked to remind that you CAN truly embody this truth ♡

How would you might you BE if you truly believed that you ARE love?

I invite you to close your eyes and ask yourself 'How would I FEEL if I knew that I WAS love'?

Are you standing a little taller? Do you have a smile across your face? Do you feel a warm glow in your chest or belly?

How does it FEEL to believe this?

Imagine...your Creator...the same one who created the earth & stars...decided that one of YOU was needed too ☆

How wonderful is it to believe this truth?

You were created OF LOVE...
and therefore you ARE LOVE ♡

Is it possible that everyone on the planet can connect with that beautiful place inside of themselves?

If we all chose this for ourselves, we would not need a it could be right here on earth...I truly believe ☆

Please hit reply and let me know if you wish to be honoured!

At Your Service,

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