What Is An MMM?

What Is An MMM?

What Is An MMM?

OK *|FNAME|*….have you ever been curious to learn more about who facilitates The Love Your Vibe Transformation / Personal Development SOULution for heart-centred humans?

Might YOU even consider becoming one yourself (even very partime) as you know deep down your Story happened FOR you and not TO you…so you could help others ‘overcome’ what you were blessed to ‘overcome’?

My fierce & fabulous lead Miracle Mindset Mentor (MMM) Eleanor Hayward, posted this yesterday and I was inspired to share it with you ♡
“My wonderful colleagues & I share the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset teachings & tools, that saved our founder Elvira V. Hopper’s life, outlined in her signature course ‘The VIP Mindset Reset Online ☆

These simple yet effective concepts & practices have served each of our intimate healing journeys too ♡

We have each transformed through the 6-Month Group Mentorship Program as a client participant, and then again as a Mentor Apprentice while completing the Facilitation Fundamentals course, with Lead Miracle Mindset Mentor Eleanor Hayward (ie: ME) ☆

MMM’s are dedicated to creating space as a facilitator where everyone is: Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported as they practice applying the teachings & tools in small groups and learn from each other’s experience.

Reported benefits of investing time with MMM’s have included: decreased depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear and doubt, increased self confidence, self awareness, self compassion, healthy boundaries, and improved relationships ♡

If you are a heart-centred human, and wish to invest in your own well being & growth, I invite you to sign up for your chosen MMM’s Waiting List (as new programs begin this fall), and join our complimentary Miracle Magnet Zone FB Group for daily insight & inspiration today!

Wishing you much love and many blessings on your healing path”

If you are curious to see how one of my wonderful MMM’s can serve YOU or someone you love, or you feel inspired to consider becoming an MMM, as virtually 100% of our program graduates wish to facilitate too…Hit Reply & let’s chat ♡

At Your Service, 



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