What got you here…won’t get you there 

What got you here...won't get you there

What got you here…won’t get you there 

OK …so today’s message is an invitation to consider your own mindset deeply.

What is it you truly wish to achieve in the time you have left in this lifetime?

Do you believe that your present mindset will get you there? Or can it use an upgrade? A reset?

Today I had a wonderful coaching call with a beloved client…one of my favs really ☆

She is truly a ROCKSTAR in her field. She has built her multimillion dollar practice by (in her words) “putting on her ‘man pants’ “.

I asked her if the mindset that helped her build her incredible practice that got her ‘rich’, is the same mindset that will help her achieve her true Purpose of helping others ‘in some way’ and not being all by herself in her golden years.

She GOT IT. 

She GOT that what got her there is not what’s going to get her to where she NOW wishes to go. 

To retire and be truly happy, healthy and fulfilled. 

She wishes to leave a successful business Legacy behind and go off to do what she was BORN to do.

She is working with me to step into more of her divine feminine & authentic self, which will allow her the space & grace to morph into WHO she needs to be to attract the life of her dreams ♡

She realizes that the struggles, hustle & ‘tough as nails’ masculine mindset that helped her build her incredible practice,  is not going to get her where she wants to be. 

In her late 60’s she is willing to shift her mindset…because she can (neuroplasticity studies back this up) and she MUST. 

It’s truly humbling & inspiring to witness the miraculous shifts my clients’ experience in our sacred conversations. 

This may sound kind of lame…

but sometimes I get off my client calls and weep out of joy & gratitude that I actually get paid to live my soul’s Purpose serving as I do ♡

So…what’s still in store for YOU? Is your mindset working FOR you or AGAINST you?

I’m looking to bring a few more highly motivated ROCKSTARS ready & willing to step into their aligned & authentic & FULLY self-expressed Act 2…so they can make the REST of their life, the BEST of their life…into my 1:1, 6 or 12 month coaching practice ☆

If you’re curious to interview each other, to determine if we are a good fit…just Hit Reply and your message will come directly to me!

At Your Service, 


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