Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning’s message comes with a ‘Trigger Warning / Suicide’. 

I wonder how you personally experienced the shocking & tragic news of a Hollywood celebrity dying of suicide a few days ago.

To me it is beyond sad & clear to my gut that tWitch who brought SO much joy to others (I loved him) was hiding behind a smile and simply could not continue living so out of alignment. 

It appears that he never led on that he struggled. 

I can relate. I hid behind a smile for too many years. Can you relate too?

I had mental health issues virtually my whole life as I lived SO out of alignment as an imposter/people pleaser as a child not being allowed to be me, and in my first two impressive healthcare careers spanning 27 years.

I wanted to die after at the end of my major mental health hell crisis including depression, anxiety, panic attacks & suicidal ideation during the last 2 years of my fancy 6 figure corporate life, sparked by adult bullying. 

I asked for ‘a way’ that was fast & natural, or for a way of ending my life.

I’m extremely privileged to realize how I was spared, as ‘the way’ that was shown to me at my rock bottom saved my sanity, life marriage & helped me achieve my every dream.

I stopped hiding behind a smile…as my joy is now real. 

It’s not to say my life is perfect, as I’m human, and will always be vulnerable to ‘the darkness’.

However, ‘the way’ that was shown to me at my rock bottom is the medicine (that isn’t medicine at all…it’s mindset) I take daily. 

It helps me shifter faster out of the dark. I can shift so fast now that I’ve been on my path for over 11 years now, that you would probably not know I was down at all! 

It’s a miracle really ☆

It’s the foundation of the movement I channeled which is helping other kind & heart-centred humans hiding behind smiles too.

The passion my beloved team & I have to share this with the world is HUGE.

Clearly it is needed…today more than ever. Wouldn’t you agree?

How I wish we could have connected with this beautiful man who hid behind SUCH a beautiful smile.

I have SO much compassion. May he rest in peace… and may his family recover from his tragic loss in divine timing ♡

Do you or anyone you know struggle behind a smile?

Do you believe you/they deserve better?

Just hit Reply, and let’s chat about what is possible for you/them ♡

At Your Service, 


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