Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira,

Have you ever experienced that crappy sensation of being in a group of your peers, but that you are somehow not equal to them and wonder why you were even there at all?

Does it make you think back to high-school...and the dreaded feeling of being 'not good enough'?

Unfortunately, this is not exclusively a high-school occurrence. As a woman of almost 55, who is kind & relatively well connected, I have found myself in the company of folks who I sense need me in their networks to stretch their profile and visibility. I feel in alignment with myself when I offer my support to those I have a true heart-centred connection with...and not simply to those who expect it overtly or covertly.

Being a heart-centered, sensitive person, and before I began my personal development history includes being pushed around by the Queen Bees of such cliques. Generally, I have noticed that these women have insecurities that are only soothed when they are in total control of their environments and everyone in them. They can appear confident & charming and engage less confident 'people-pleasers' (I being a recovering one).

Too often kind & heart-centered women get swept up in the excitement of inclusion in these 'tribes' they refer to themselves. When those in their inner circle don't follow their gets awkward and uncomfortable, and the person will find themselves shoved off to the side, having no further use to the hive, that they will have to regroup alone and get back to their center.

I do not believe one person, or several people, ruling a group and playing favourites, where not everyone is treated equally and respected, is a tribe.

What I DO know for sure is that my tribe is made of beautiful souls who humbly & fiercely serve each other. I will joyfully support them for as long as they need me. That is 'tribe' to me ♡

I learned recently from one of my beloved mentors (Dr. Natalia Schotte) that 'Power Over' & 'Power Under' does not work. 'Power With' others is the key to happiness ☆

A sisterhood of like-hearted women who honour and support each other’s dreams & desires is 'tribe' to me. No one feels excluded or not good enough, and everyone is equally respected.

Honour yourself and trust your intuition. When you're with your tribe you'll know... because it feels right ♡

Always At Your Service,


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