Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

OK… I’m honoured to share this unsolicited acknowledgement from a dear member of our beautiful ‘Miracle Magnet Movement’ that I pray inspires you too ♡

It came as a total surprise after sending out a FAB FRIDAY from a weeks ago…which spoke to ‘acknowledgment’.

My beloved team & I could not be more grateful! 

Julie Rose is truly a brilliant GEM in the crown of the Universe ☆

“I wish to acknowledge Elvira V. Hopper, Eleanor Hayward and Jennifer Hawkins, whose magic and messages have brought me renewed hope and daily inspiration!

I studied with many thought leaders and have read countless books on self-development and spirituality. I put the teachings into practice and my life greatly improved.

When I enrolled in ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation / 6 month Mentoring Program’ & later joined the ‘Love Your Vibe Community’ so I could facilitate this unique personal development SOULution, it felt like a calling from ‘on high.’

I believed I had studied ALL there was. Yet ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ is not ‘studying’, it is ‘living’, with authenticity and a renewed purpose!

Are all my days joyful? No!

However, the dark ‘days’ have become dark ‘moments’ that dissipate with the lightness served to me through the beautiful & empowering transformational ‘Teachings & Tools’ divinely gifted to Elvira and supported by the additions of Eleanor & Jennifer… 3 beautiful angels!

The rest of my days on earth will be spent with these 3 inspirational ladies and our ‘Family Of Choice’ that we have co-created within our beloved community… that is growing worldwide and creating ripples of love!”

What can The Love Your Vibe Transformation offer you?

Some Hope Inspiration & Tools (HITs) possibly?

Could YOUR dark days become dark moments that might dissipate quickly too?

I know that I spent days, weeks, months & years processing the trauma I experienced. 

Today it’s a real privilege to help heart-centred humans do their ‘Inner Work’ of coab healing & growth into into the greatess that they were born to be ♡

Won’t you join me?

Ask me anything! Just hit Reply!

At Your Service,


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