Are you tired of putting others first and forgetting about your own needs? 


Have you been people-pleasing and sacrificing your own happiness to avoid conflict or rejection? 


It’s time to TAKE BACK your power and remember who you TRULY are ☆

Here is a ‘Weekly Reflection’ for you:

Take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Have you been giving too much of yourself to others while neglecting your own needs?


If so…

  • Identify one area where you can set a healthy boundary this week.
  • Practice saying “NO” without explanation or justification. 
  • I know it sounds cheesy but “No” is a complete sentence. 


And NO you are NOT a b!tch or an a$$hole if you say “YES” to YOU by saying “NO” to them.

Affirm to yourself (on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror) each morning ALL this week: 

“I am worthy of setting boundaries and prioritizing my own needs. I trust myself to make decisions that align with MY values and desires.” 

And do remember…

‘Taking back your power’ IS a journey & NOT a destination. 


Be patient and kind to yourself 


as you do your daily #InnerWork to REVEAL your true/authentic self ♡

I hope that today’s FF inspires you to keep taking back your personal power consistently so you get to live NOT as a Crap Magnet…but as a Miracle Magnet instead!  


You deserve to live your ‘Miracle Life’ beautiful soul…CLAIM IT ☆


As always please Hit Reply and share any questions or insights, so I can serve you even better!


At Your Service,




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