Stay In The Now

Stay In The Now

Stay In The Now

OK... so today's love letter to you is a wee reminder to trust...simply trust the Universe.  You see, your ego/mind always wants to control the outcomes and doesn't want to let go of the power it has over you and what you do.

It hates to hand the 'steering wheel' over to you & Spirit (ie: The A-Team) so you can 'drive the car' and it will put up a fight!

However, rather than crushing 'or 'killing' the ego,  you can tame it by speaking kindly to it...

Your ego serves a purpose. It simply wishes to protect you by keeping you small & safe.  By having you believe 'I'm not good enough' so you try compensating for this by having others think 'I'm all that...AND a bag of chips"

You must make peace with your dark/shadow/ego self in order to live primarily as your true/authentic/higher self.

Integration is key ♡

When you begin to truly trust that the A-Team of Spirit & you are driving the begin to trust that Spirit (aka: Source, God, Universe) will ALWAYS lead you to your highest & best outcomes ☆

You need not know the HOW...when you simply trust in the NOW.

Does this resonate for you?

Do you personally practice this?

Please Hit Reply and let me know how this lands for you!

At Your Service,


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