Soundbath 4 U

Soundbath 4 U

Soundbath 4 U

OK's message is a story that I hope helps you to see that it's NEVER TOO LATE to become who you where destined to be ☆

It is also an invitation for some lovely self care TONIGHT! My humble I should have shared it LAST Friday ☆

So...many of you know my story of living out of alignment... denying my true nature and essence as it was not acceptable in my family.

My father sang like Pavarotti.
His sister was a soprano who sang on worldclass opera stages. She replaced her opera gown with an apron when she got married and never stepped on a worldclass stage ever again.

You see, their family did not VALUE artists...they were NOT 'good people'.

My sense is that a cousin of theirs who WAS a worldclass artist may have brought shame on the family in some way (it's still shrouded in mystery).

My father & aunt were kind & heart-centred people pleasers who did not choose to honour their own natures over the expectations of their family.

Sadly, both my father & my aunt died with their REAL MUSIC still in them. They both had cancer and took meds to manage their mental health issues.

I truly believe that living out of alignment...not authentically fully self expressed can lead to tragedy.

When I was 11, I attended a cabaret show (strangely the only child in the audience) and I discovered that I wanted to be on a stage. I was star struck and wanted to be an entertainer...oh so very much!

My father told me that the women on that stage were 'sluts'.

That is when I was shut down.
I was not allowed to be ME... desire my desires.

That is when I asked my little self "OK...since I cannot be who I am, who do you need me to be so you will love me?" That is when the people pleasing started.

That is when I began to hide my true essence. I managed to self express occasionally and was met with shame & ridicule.

I chose not one but two healthcare careers that made my parents proud. After all we came to Canada to give my brother & I a better future. I was a good Italian Catholic girl who had to do what I was told...lest I suffer the wrath of God & my 'well meaning' parents.

My last 2 years of a 20 year award-winning 6 figure pharma career was mainly spent in depression, anxiety, panic disorder & adult bullying.

Miraculously, it was the catalyst out of successful yet imposter life to live my TRUTH.

I was divinely gifted with 'The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset' and it saved my sanity & life... simply, quickly & naturally!

At 51, I decided to fully embody the body of work I was asked to share with the world, in the form of 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation' and I became a pro musician and even recorded my first jazz album on a worldclass stage with worldclass artists.

On many occasions people would connect with me after my shows in tears telling me how much I helped them to release & heal through my music.

It was surprising, humbling, comforting.

Years later, I was offered the opportunity to study Sacred Sound Healing & Sound Reiki.

It felt completely ME to serve as a healer using my voice.

My 13 instruments take beautiful souls on a meditative musical journey and virtually everyone tells me how deeply they relax and later that night have their 'best sleep'.

It's a joy & privilege to serve in this 'artistically healing' way ♡

Won't you join my beautiful yoga teacher siSTAR Nadia Piccone & I tonight for a Sacred Soundbath AND a Full Moon Release ceremony?

It's going to be magical ☆

Grab your spot here:

At Your Service,


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