OK …today’s message is a request for connection if you feel inspired to, because you really care and have the connections that can make a difference ♡


It has been said that our planet is in a mental health crisis and experts are looking for more solutions.

My brilliant team & I suggest an alternative (yet backed by science) SOULution ☆


Heart-centred humans who have struggled in some very dark places over the last 3 years can benefit deeply from the unique ‘Inner Work’ we facilitate.


It’s a simple & powerful more feminine energy/

‘The Gentle Rains Soaks’ approach … vs. a more male energy/ ‘In Your Face’ approach. 

According to statistics… we need MORE. We need MORE modalities than ever BEFORE.

If you know anyone of influence & means, who truly cares about helping those struggling in dark places in a fast & natural way, please connect us. 


You will help to transform countless lives.


As always just ‘Hit Reply’ and your message arrives privately to ME.


At Your Service, 



P.S. Schroeder Nordholt & I are SO EXCITED that we have 34 beautiful souls signed up for our TWO FAB &.FREE WORKSHOPS which are happening immenintly! Go to the top of:

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