Self Love

Self Love

Self Love

OK … for this post Valentine’s Day message, I’m sharing with you, my brilliant & beautiful colleague, co-creatrix of ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ and dear friend, Eleanor Hayward’s social media post from yesterday!

I pray it inspires YOU as much as it did ME ♡

“Happy Valentine’s week beautiful souls!

How is your self love this #ThinkingThursday?

I can honestly say this is the first year my heart feels full to overflowing! I’m genuinely joyful to be single, and loving it ♡

I’ve been unlearning the common cultural mindset, that we need to search for our ‘other half’, you know, the one that leads us to believe that we’re not whole until we’ve found a partner.

Well, with the #LoveYourVibe #MiracleMindset I’ve been relearning to consciously cultivate love in my heart.

This hasn’t been an easy journey, but it has been worth it! 

I remember bumping up against a wall, a past trauma that said ‘if you love more, you’ll hurt more’.

This felt real, but then I remembered Shakespeare’s words: “Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”. 

I made a choice to grow anyway ☆

I sense this false mindset is also connected to the all-too-common dynamic of codependency… where we look to someone else to fill us up, and yet feel like we need to fix others.

Are you feeling me?

These concepts are rooted in insecurity. Only WE can practice deeper healing to love ourselves unconditionally, so that we can learn to be truly whole and independent.

THEN we can become interdependent, and grow together synergistically!

While I remain single, I’m passionate about the #MiracleMagnetMovement!! 

Together we create space in community where all feel: Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported as we practice our #InnerWork with The Love Your Vibe Transformation teachings & tools ☆

The more we love ourselves, the better space we hold for others to connect more deeply within. 

I deeply believe that our personal development is an act of service to our communities AND to humanity too!

How is this resonating with you today? Your feedback & shares are always welcome!

Wishing you many blessings on your healing journey, may you learn to love your vibe too!”

Feel free to check out Holistic Eleanor’s website to learn more about HER magic! 

As always…feel free to Hit Reply if you have any questions, comments or concerns…and you will speak directly to me!

At Your Service,


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