Realign To Shine

Realign To Shine

Today's message is about re-framing whatever is challenging you most at this present you can benefit from this breakdown that can lead you to a beautiful breakthrough ☆

Are you open to the possibility that 'Things Happen 4 U Not 2 U?

Are you open to the idea that you need never feel like a victim ever again?

Are you inspired to consider that your Creator/Higher Power has your back completely...and although you might not feel it at the very moment, ALL is aligning in your favour?

I just met a beautiful heart-centered woman who has been very unhappy at her corporate job since her company had a take-over and the politics have cause her MUCH stress and strife in the last 3 years.

It was clear to me that this woman is a Lightworker and an inspirational leader. She's a healer and an artist...truly a member of my beloved tribe.

She has SO outgrown her job. It was never really HER...but she needed the money...badly.

She met me a few weeks ago, and we both realized it was NOT a coincidence as 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation' I was blessed to channel, is a way that she can replace her salary while serving as a Miracle Mindset Mentor very part-time.

This will allow her the space to create art, facilitate healing and execute the inspirational and educational programs she was born to run.

After our conversation she realized that her anxiety at work need not keep her up at night she now has an 'exit strategy'!

How about you? What do you now see as happening '4 U NOT 2 U'?

How might YOUR life be realigning so you too can serve with your Soul Purpose/Mission/ WHY?

Do you have a Story, Message and Magic to share with the world...and wish to supplement your income while serving the world through my turnkey online platform, that's become a world movement?

If so, hit reply and message me back so we can chat about the possibility of you serving too ☆


At Your Service,


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