REAL Music

REAL Music

REAL Music

OK …might you be a mid-life musician who is highly talented, yet you are NOT where you want to be musically, mentally, or maritally?

Please reach out for a very confidential chat…as I wish to learn more about you ☆

Did you know that my lifework/Purpose includes helping you NOT die with your REAL MUSIC STILL IN YOU?

You see… my world-class musician father, who sang better than Pavarotti, died tragically with his real music STILL in him…with cancers, mental health struggles (on meds), and a marriage in shambles.

Also…my first love actually travelled the world playing sold-out arenas in a famous rock band. 

Yet he never released his own beautiful music in albums. He died just after Covid hit with similar issues to my father.

Both were people-pleasing heart-centred men who lived as imposters… following the expectations their families had of them.

Neither had the courage to ‘Play BIG’ as they were clearly equipped to. 

I believe that their mindset kept them small & stuck. 

They paid a price TOO dear for NOT living ‘Aligned & Authentic & Fully Self-Expressed’.

I love them dearly…and I pray to them daily ♡♡

Sadly, they showed me what NOT to be & do.

Because of their tragic stories, I was guided to co-create my highly bespoke coaching program called: The Rennaisance Human Unleashed… Why Be ONE Thing, When You Can Be ALL Things?!’ 

It’s designed for highly successful, shiny ‘looking’, yet struggling artists (who may not even identify with the title artist… yet they ARE) as they are too busy looking good to the world with their impressive titles, big homes, fancy cars and high-flying lifestyles.

These ROCKSTARS are especially at risk for dying with their REAL MUSIC STILL IN THEM as they don’t have the time & inclination to step out of the box their loved ones & society built for them.

They may have buried their dreams & talents SO deep, that they may not remember what they even ARE.

The price of NOT living their truth is hurting their health (physical & mental) and relationships.

I’m here to support them, as the world needs what THEY got!

They also deserve to live the life of THEIR dreams… not their parents’ or society’s dreams.

If this is YOU or you know anyone who fits this description, please Hit Reply and let me know…as it might completely transform your/their life.

At Your Service,

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