Radical Self Love

Happy beauty

Radical Self Love

OK...in honour of St. Valentine’s Day this Sunday, I invite you to remember that the BEST love affair you can ever have is the love affair with YOU ♡

Consider incorporating ‘Self Love’
as part of your daily practice/ritual ☆

I invite you to choose a love SO RADICAL…SO intentional that it CANNOT be beat into submission by anyone.

When you do, you become immune to the opinions of others who are not worthy to be loved by you in your ‘Inner Circle’.

Warning: You may likely lose people in your life…people who may not have the courage to love themselves and may be triggered by YOUR ‘Self Love’. That is OK…as the RIGHT people in your life WILL stay…and as some leave, you WILL attract beautiful new souls to you.

It’s quite magical really!

They will respect and love you as you respect and love yourself ♡

Remember…’Self love’ is a journey…
not a destination…not a one & done.

Life takes on a whole new splendor when YOU love YOU ☆

I challenge you to hit Reply & message me back a new ‘Self Love’ practice/ ritual that you choose to implement…
starting THIS Sunday ♡

At Your Service,

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