Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira, have you ever felt someone else held the keys to your happiness?

Think about it, it sounds kind of ridiculous that this should even happen...but sadly all too often it does.

I know my past includes many many moments I'm not proud of, in which I did give away my power and my happiness...the power I always had but was not aware of...I allowed another person to determine my worth and give me permission to be happy.

I'm really sad when I think back to those countless times...but it's how I was raised...the good little Italian Catholic girl who had to be a people pleaser in order to survive.

Only when others were happy with me did I have permission to feel good about myself.

Yikes! If you know me today, it's really hard to believe I was EVER that way.

But I'm SO glad I was...because actually I've only just owned my power since I've been on my self development path in the last 10 years...and I see folks only 'getting it' even later in life. It's a beautiful thing ♡

It's never too late to own your power & your happy. Your job is to connect with your authentic self SO deeply, that no one will EVER hold the keys to your happiness but YOU!

I got you,


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