Outer Glow

Outer Glow

Outer Glow

OK ...so here's a super short & sweet tip for you, if you wish to stay lovely & vital virtually forever ☆

There is little more beautiful to witness than the 'Outer Glow' on the face of someone who does their 'Inner Work'...on the daily ♡

I revel in watching people WAKE UP to the TRUTH of who they are... DIVINITY in a 'Meat Suit', here for a Purpose uniquely their own ☆I love watching fierce & heart-centred souls clear away all the crap that they are NOT, so they CAN remember who they truly ARE ♡

Their work shows up on their faces in a most magical way ☆

Do you realize who YOU truly are?

Do you KNOW that you are DIVINE?

Hit Reply and let me know if this is a revelation to you, or if you already believed this!

At Your Service,


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